Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Blue Suede Shoes
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Blue Suede Shoes

8:18 PM

Well, it's one for the money, 
Two for the show, 
Three to get ready, 
Now go, cat, go. 

But don't you step on my blue suede shoes. 
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes. 

Oh Elvis, gotta love him.  You won my heart at "Can't help falling in love."

So now that I confessed my love for the King of Rock, let's move on to my outfit.  Remember the story last week about ripping my pants?  Well I decided to show off the new pants that I got in place of those.  Even though we had a good run high waisted pants, I'm in love with my new pair.  It's my first pair of patterned pants and it's so strange for me!

Jacket/Blazer:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pants:  Kenar {Marshalls}
Scarf:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {old}
Sunglasses:  Cynthia Rowley {Marshalls}

Now you know why I jammed out to Elvis prior to this posting?  I've been in the Elvis mood since yesterday from the Elvis Run.  They actually had a man dressed up as Elvis but I couldn't get a good enough picture.  It was pretty awesome though.  

It's weird when I look at pictures like this of myself.  I look at my first posts as a blogger back in 2010 and I look like such a child, especially with the outfits too.  Then I look at pictures like this of my work outfits and think "wow, I've really evolved and changed."  I honestly never thought I would make it to where I am today.  I keep saying that I used to blog but life got in the way and I went MIA for a few years.  It's because I was getting so down on myself that I didn't want it to show in my posts.  I was going to Grad School and couldn't find a job.  I mean I worked as a retail store manager for $13.00 an hour and getting part time hours because other people had seniority and were getting full time hours.  I just felt so horrible about myself.  People actually made me feel terrible for studying for my MBA and not having a glamorous job.  I kept telling myself you can't give up because everything happens for a reason.  My fiance (now ex) and I split and I just felt even worse.  

So since my student loans kicked in I started working more than one job while still attending Grad School.  I was very hard on  myself because I felt like a failure.   Then some more personal things happened, and Texas happened.  All of this within a 3 year span.  Finally I landed my big girl job (at least what I like to call it) this past December.  All of those blood, sweat, and tears finally paid off.  

There's no real reason to why I just told you that story.  If you follow my blog you've heard parts of it before.  I guess I just want all of you to know that one day all of your hard work will pay off.  Never ever give up.  

Sorry for rambling, and thanks for reading!


xoxo Moniczka

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  1. You`re great! I remember you disappeared from Chictopia some years ago and I`m happy to see you now again with a fantastic blog and style, everything looks so professional, just keep doing a great job!

    1. Aww thank you so much :) I remember you too! Too many things were going on that I had to stop. I'm so happy I'm back though. Thank you for the compliments :) I'm really trying this time around!


  2. super love this outfit!! check out my blog


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