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I'm such a bad blogger.

8:30 AM

I am such a bad blogger.  I’ve been stalking my own blog today and I’ve been slacking extremely.  I just want to apologize to everyone.  Life has been hectic with the holidays coming up.  Let’s talk about some stuff that’s been going on since my last post two days ago (oh em g I’m really horrible).  First of all it snowed.  This is the first official snowfall of the season.  I always consider it official when the driving conditions aren’t the greatest, that’s how you know it’s really snowed.  I honestly think snow on the trees is absolutely beautiful but I think it’s also the most annoying thing.  You have to shovel, drive in the snow (which if you have never driven in snow it can actually be extremely dangerous), you have to clean off your car, and it’s just downright cold.  The upside is it looks really pretty, like in a movie, you have all of your winter sports, and well the dogs love the snow.  They do one of these “Ok, what the heck is this stuff.  It’s cold and then it melts, ok this is kind of cool, but should I get ready to attack just in case?  OH MY GOSH WOOOO RUNNING IN THE SNOW!  BEST DAY EVER!”  That’s literally what I think goes through both of the dogs minds.  It’s so cute because the little white fluff ball (he’s a maltese) gets lost.  We can only find him because of his black nose and eyes, and because Lilly tries to play with him in the snow.

Another thing that happened two days ago was my VP bought all of us ladies beautiful silk scarves for Christmas, but you already know that if you’re following me on the gram cough @monisia87 cough.  The scarf I got was perfect because even though the other ladies got pink ones (which is my favorite color) I got this awesome blue/teal one with an equestrian design.  It fits me perfectly with the style.  As Ace Ventura would say “Like a glove,” even though we aren’t talking about fitting me in size because well it’s a scarf.

So of course I need to upload an outfit post.

Jacket:  North Face {Sports Authority}
Top:  Target
Scarf:  H&M {old}
Boots:  UGG Australia {Saks}

If you’ve been following my blog or you’ve looked at the other pages on here, the one titled Dedication is a really special one to me.  I decided to dedicate my blog to my friend who passed away almost a year ago.  He was very special to me and he lost his battle to cancer on January 5th.  He completely changed my life, and this blog was the start of something new and something I’m proud of that I would have loved to share with him because I know he’d probably be more excited about it than me.  I decided to start this new tradition.  I started my full time job last year on December 17th (seriously the best Christmas present ever and such a blessing) and my friend was so proud of me.  We actually went to a local diner (yes, I’m from Jersey and yes, we go to diners) and celebrated with a nice plate of chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  Surprisingly he ate more than I did which is weird because that’s my favorite diner food EVER.  Well that was the last time I saw him, the day that we celebrated.  I decided that every year on December 17th I’m going to make a huge plateful of chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  I saw a video on YouTube that was about a 17 year old boy who lost his battle to cancer and his story is so similar to my friends.  Both of them lived their life and both of them could put a smile on anyone’s face.  I think Dan was sending me a sign to remind me about his story and to remind me to stop being so upset that he’s gone it’s been a rough few days for me.  I still can’t talk about him without shedding a tear even if it’s when no one is looking.  Every time that I get sad or mad I always think of Dan.  I think of how he used to always say that life is too short to be negative.  He knew he could die at any moment but he didn’t care, he kept on living and he kept on fighting.  When I watched that YouTube video the last part of the video is something Dan would say.  The interviewer asked him how do you want to be remembered.  He answered “I want to be remembered as the guy who went down fighting but never really lost.”  When I heard that I heard Dan’s voice saying it.  He changed my cold hearted self into the person I am today and I can never thank him enough for making me feel as special as he did.  You will be forever missed kiddo.

Oh, and if you have time I suggest you watch the video I talked about.  It’s a little long, but worth every second.  Oh and you may need a tissue box and someone to hug afterwards.  I cried and then went and gave my mom a big hug.

Well I hope the novel that I wrote today made up for my lack of blogging lately.

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  1. Aww youre a great blogger and an awesome friend! you look so pretty in your pics!!! have a good weekend!


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