Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: I'm back! Poland Part 1 and a giveaway!
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I'm back! Poland Part 1 and a giveaway!

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Well everyone, I am officially back!  First and foremost the surprise I was talking about in all of my previous posts is a giveaway.  Yes, you heard that right!  I will be giving away a necklace that I have as well (I bought a second one just for my readers) and a little souvenir from Poland.  Keep reading until the end of this post and see pictures of what I'm giving away and how you can enter!

I'm going to be one of those bloggers that uploads a few posts of her vacation, however in my defense I was gone for two weeks so I hope everyone enjoys these pictures as much as me, plus I have a giveaway going on!

The last time I went to the motherland aka Poland was 8 years ago.  I was so excited to go back and see my whole family and see the shore.  Now my family lives in Gdynia, which is part of Troj Miasto (Sopot and Gdansk are the other two cities part of this).  In other words we live right next to the beach.  Before I left a lot of people asked me questions like where is Poland, isn't it really cold, where is the beach, does it still look like the Eastern Europe after WW2 and the communistic rule?  Poland is in Eastern Europe under Sweden (the Baltic Sea seperates the two countries).  It's cold, however they do have four seasons and weather like we do here in NJ, only difference is there's no humidity.  No, it doesn't look like the old run down Eastern Europe.

For this first portion I want to show pictures of Gdynia, Moje Miasto, and some more random pictures.

The one cafe and ice cream place that I have been enjoying in Poland ever since I was little is Mariola or I also call it Mariolka.  They seriously have the best ice cream I've ever tasted in my life.

This would be my cousin Nicola.  This lovely lady is now almost 21 years old.  What's strange is I've had to watch my little cousin grow up through Facebook and MySpace (yes, I'm aging myself here).  She's blossomed into quite the young lady, and quite the little fashionista.

This is my cousin's adorable little dog.  He is such the character.

This is only part of my Grandma's collection.  She has about two more of these cabinets filled.

Yes, I definitely watched the Cup while I was over seas.

This handsome little man claimed me his while I was away.

The fruits in Poland are just amazing.  I ate all of these raspberries, and did not feel bad about it.

My other cousin Milena and I decided to go into a photobooth at one of the newer malls and this is what came out.

One of the types of nail art I had in Poland.

I think everyone in my family has a dog.  This lovely lady is such a little snuggle bug.  She literally pushes her way until you pet her.

Those fountains have been there forever.  Although they used to be blue so I think they painted them or remodeled them.

My farewell nails.

Ok, now onto the fun stuff.  GIVEAWAY TIME!  Since all of you lovely people stuck by me these past two weeks I want to reward you with a giveaway.  I have a necklace I'm giving away, brand new (the one I have is my own so you'll be getting a brand spankin' new one), AND a little souvenir from Poland.  In case you've heard of Amber, most of it comes from the Baltic Sea which is where my second home is.  In Poland we have something called  drzewko szczęścia.  Translated it means the tree of good luck.  Take a look at the pictures below and enter into the giveaway!


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  1. Hello! You can post as many pictures from your vacation as you like. They're gorgeous! I love seeing pictures of people and places I've never seen before. :)


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