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5 for Friday

4:30 AM

1.  Haircut

Welp, I did it.  I FINALLY cut my hair.  It has been a long time coming and I finally decided to do it.  If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for the past few weeks you probably noticed that A LOT has been changing in my life.  I figured now that there have been so many changes I might as well chop off my hair.  I don’t know what it is for me, but as soon as I cut my hair this past Monday I felt like I cut off the past two years of my life.  I’ve been growing my hair for that long and now it's all gone, wow.  I’m still getting used to it and I’m missing my longer hair but within two months I’ll probably be able to start wearing extensions again so it’ll be like it never happened.  Also, there will be a few outfit posts of me with long hair, those are extensions, you just can't see what the back looks like for a reason, I promise all of the outfits were worn just with different hair hehe.  Oh, and also since I have henna in my hair I can’t color it until it is fully grown out.  Let the growing begin!  Yes, I also said color.  Maybe in the near future I'll have a different hair color, that's a BIG MAYBE.

2.  New blog design

I finally worked up the courage to figure out how to use html and how to redesign my blog.  With a little help from someone and Google I added a whole new html code for the design and customized everything else on my own.  I figured this was better than paying someone $200-$300 to redesign everything for me and I kind of feel a little awesome knowing that I had something to do with this change.  I also decided to figure out how to make all of my pictures the same size.  The past few weeks I’ve been researching a lot about how bloggers have redesigned and what catches more attention.  Fellow blogger Because of Jackie has A LOT of helpful tips in a few of her blog posts and I must say, thanks to her I have gotten out of this blogging rut.  First impressions are key and I felt like my blog was somewhat juvenile and well let’s be honest, it looked like a 5 year old designed my blog for me.  This blog still has a ways to go but at least she looks a little more presentable now!

3.  Saratoga Springs

I went to my first horse race this past Saturday.  You can read more about that here, oh and a DIY for the hairpiece I made especially for the races here.  It was so much fun I really enjoyed it.  I lost on the horse I bet on but it’s ok, it was still fun to bet and watch the horses try and reach the finish line.  Now I know why people go to horse races, it's such a rush.  Now if only I could somehow make it to the Kentucky Derby.

If you keep building these walls, brick by brick towers so tall
Soon I won’t see you at all, till the concrete angel falls.
I knew who you were from the start, but now I don’t know who you are soon there’ll be nothing at all, till the concrete angel falls.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this song these past three days.  I don’t know why but it’s just awesome.  When this part comes on I instantly just “feel” the lyrics.  Oh yes, I definitely just said that not to get uber weird on y’all.  I feel like it’s a situation both males and females have been in.  You know the one, where you’re in a relationship and everything just isn’t the same anymore?  I’m not in a relationship, nor have I been in one in quite some time (which is strange because I give out some of the best relationship advice, maybe I should start listening to myself) but I have felt this in the past and it’s always sad when the person you once knew is different.  I guess with all of the changes that I keep on talking about I’m also taking time to reflect on the past.  All of the good times and bad made me who I am today.  I would go through everything all over again, I don’t have any regrets.  Well except maybe I wouldn’t have eaten so much to the point where I had to lose 20 pounds haha!

*Just a side note.  So the girl who actually sings in this song (Christina Novelli) liked the instagram post I uploaded of the lyrics.  OH EM GGGGGGGG!!!!

5.  Giveaway

Yay for giveaways!  This is my 3rd giveaway this year.  Woot woot!  Ok, well anyway, if you go to my other post from today (here) you will read about this awesome company called Chloe and Isabel.  They have the cutest jewelry.  One of the merchandisers (here) sent me a piece for myself to keep and a piece for my readers to win.  Good luck to everyone who enters!

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  1. Your hair looks cute. I didn't know that about henna!


    1. Thank you! All of my hair stylist/dresser friends always yell at me when I tell them I put henna in my hair. I mean it's good for your hair but since it's a stain not just color it's hard to get out of your hair let alone color your hair. The last time I had henna it took me 3 tries of coloring it black for the color to finally take because my natural hair color (brown) was not working haha

  2. Love your new hair ! Looks fab!


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