Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Blogger Picnic // Central Park, NYC
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Blogger Picnic // Central Park, NYC

5:00 AM

If you follow me on social media you already know that this past weekend I met up with some of my lovely blogger friends.  It was amazing getting to see all of these girls again since it’s been a few months.  Everyone has been so crazy busy and with it being summer the past few months we weren’t able to meet up until now.  I love how blogging has really opened a lot of doors for me.  Not even in a business sense but personally too.  These girls were by cyber friends turned real life friends.  It’s great to meet with other bloggers as well because they can truly connect with you in that aspect.  No one really understands what goes on behind the scenes of a blog and it’s nice when you can talk to someone and both of you understand how busy you can be.  Blogging is not just about uploading a bunch of pretty pictures, or uploading meaningful content.  There is so much more behind blogging!

I love that I get to see these girls every once in a while because I have a feeling that I’ve made some lasting friendships.  For example Alex from Glory Boon and I have already been to two Lucky FABB’s together, one being all the way in LA.  Let me tell you if you ever need a fun slumber party buddy she’s your girl.  We literally stayed up all night just laughing in the hotel room. 

Anyway, about the picnic (pictures are below)!  Sharon from The Tiny Heart and I met at the train station and traveled to Central Park together.  Well, I didn’t really plan very well because the German Parade was going on and they had barricades up so the public wouldn’t be able to cross the street until the Police opened it up.  

Needless to say we didn’t really wait too long so I can’t really complain.  Once we all met at 72nd and 5th we walked together to a little grassy area to have our picnic.  I made my chocolate with cream cheese cupcakes that I uploaded last week (found here) and thankfully everyone liked them!  Some of the girls brought some snacks and we just sat and had girl time.  It wasn’t so much business talk like we did the last two meet ups because now we are pretty comfortable with each other and already know each other.  I don’t know if some of you remember the first meet up I ever hosted (here) but my friend/coworker Yvonne from Dear Sunny Vintage was our photographer, well this time she was introduced as a blogger!  

So we sat and talked about boys, marriage, relationships, favorite shows, and some more girl talk.  Then we were approached by some guys who were singing Backstreet Boys and Katy Perry through Central Park asking people to donate for their Polo Team’s trip.  Now if you look at Simone’s from Fashion Runs the World Instagram (here) you’ll be able to see this hilarious video of them and Alex from Glory Boon jamming out with them nonchalantly.  Let me show you some pictures from this fabulous picnic!

This would have been the perfect shot if those people didn't decide to start walking haha.

All in all the meet up was a success.  I can’t wait to see these lovelies again.  If any of you reading this are bloggers from the NJ/NY area, let me know and I will add you to the email list!  I would love to meet more of you.  We will most likely continue to meet in NYC because it’s just easier for all of us.  

Here's the list of all of the bloggers and their blogs:

Alex from Glory Boon
Sara from Sincerely Sara
Yvonne from Dear Sunny Vintage
Mel from Style is Her
Sharon from The Tiny Heart


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  1. add me to the list yo hahah just in case i can take the train up some day!

    1. Girl friend you could always sleep over my house as long as you would be ok with Lilly and Kuba licking you to death :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! And I went to Lucky Fabb in NYC lady year, maybe we saw each other…wish we could have met!

    1. I know too bad that they don't have it this year :( next time you're on the East Coast let me know!!!!

  3. How fun. I'm going to check out their blogs.


  4. I do love a blogger meet up! This is so fun...glad you were all able to get together and have a great time!

    1. You're the lady the started it all for me. Once I saw you post about a blogger meet up wayyyyy back when I had to contact you and ask you how you did it. So every blogger meet up I've hosted has been because of you :)

  5. oh, my how wonderful to have a meet up in Central Park. You all look so gorgeous and having great time.

    xoxo Ra

  6. Cute photos. Central Park is one of my favorite places

    Made in Mauve

    1. Thank you! I've only been a few times but it's so pretty!

  7. It was so fun seeing you and the other girls again!! I had a great time! Also, your cupcakes were AMAZING! Really, really good! :)


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