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Fall Season at Jars by Monica

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Tis the season of the leaves changing colors, Dia de los Muertos, spooky ghosts and jackolanterns, and the holiday season that will come faster than you think.  These past two weeks have been so hectic that I haven’t stopped to pay attention to my jars!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve talked about them.  Actually I think the last time I talked about them was when I put them on a retail shelf for the first time ever (insert dorky victory dance here).  You can read about that here.

I finally paid a little attention to my jar business and made a few for the new season.  I used some upcycled/recycled materials and of course my regular mason jars.  Now I’m not sure if you are following my Jars by Monica Instagram (here) but you really should because if I don’t update my new jars here on le blog I will definitely update on Instagram!

If you’re just tuning in and have never heard of Jars by Monica before let me tell you a little bit about the shop.  The shop officially opened in January of this year, however the mason jar painting and decorating happened a few months prior, so pretty much almost a year ago.  My mom was asking me to make some kind of Christmas decorations because in the past I made these awesome ornaments that I think I will make a tradition to make every year, but my brother had an old mason jar and he asked me if I wanted it.  Well, I decided why don’t I just paint the jar and decorate it since that’s the new trend.  You can read about that lovely jar here.  I had so much fun making it that my brother gave me a few more jars and I started coming up with so many ideas.  Once the shop opened they were fairly simple jars, just regular hand painted jars.  Then I went on a business trip for my day time job and I met with a customer who let me sample some clay.  I then discovered how much I loved molding little blocks of clay into works of art.  So that’s where the clay figurines came from.  I sent that customer a lovely jar of appreciation because if it wasn’t for them I would’ve never had this idea.

I love making these jars they keep me sane.  I know that sounds kind of weird, but the fact that I have to concentrate and focus so much, I tune out the outside world.  The TV is only on for noise and instead of watching TV I listen to the TV.  These jars are extremely time consuming don’t get me wrong but when someone shows interest and purchases a jar or a set I get butterflies in my stomach because it’s exciting when others appreciate your work.  Just this past weekend I had an emergency rush order that I have NO idea how I finished with only 1 ½ days to make it and pack it up, I had a second order that needed to ship, AND a fellow blogger somehow found my jars and wrote a post about them!  You can read about that here

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your continued support on this crazy business of mine.  Thank you to those of you who have complimented my work, or bought my work.  It truly means a lot!


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