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5 for Friday

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Since I’m away on business this week, this post was scheduled in the beginning of the week.  Hence why I can’t really talk about 5 things that happened this week, but I decided to make a little twist of my own on this.  I want to talk about 5 things I’m excited about now that I feel like the holiday season is officially here.  Halloween is over, Hallmark has all their Christmas specials, and from what I’ve seen on Instagram Starbucks is already using red cups.  Also, I know it’s extremely early to be talking about the holidays and Christmas but please bear with me!  I used to work in retail and the past 2 years I’ve actually been able to enjoy the holiday season for the first time since High School, so yes I will be the obnoxious person who is already watching Christmas movies with her mother, however I still can’t listen to Christmas music this early on, that’s for the week before Christmas sorry I’m a Grinch in that aspect.


Ok, so of course we all love to eat our weight in food on Thanksgiving (or at least I know I do) and feast then just park our bum’s in front of the TV and watch Football but in our household it’s more like Christmas movies.  I’m excited because since I’ve hopped on the baking bandwagon and my mom told me that for Thanksgiving she will cook but I have to bake and we can stay home for Thanksgiving.  Don’t get me wrong going and spending Thanksgiving with friends or family (only friends in our case, the rest of the fam is in Poland) is nice, but at the same time having to drive home for an hour after going into a food coma is NOT fun whatsoever.  So this year I asked if we could just spend it at home with the family.  So, that’s my one condition, is if I bake we can stay home.  I can’t wait to show all of the goodies I bake!  I also baked an apple crisp this past weekend that will be on the blog next week so stay tuned!  If any of you have any good recipes for Christmas sweets please feel free to share!

Christmas Cookies.

First of all I can only dream that my cookies will come out as beautiful as the ones above, but I mean she's probably an expert who has her own shop and everything.  Hallmark started their Christmas special I saw some movies that had an intense amount of cookie making and my mom and I never did this before.  We decided that this year we are going all out with Christmas and making Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies as well. 

Christmas Presents.

No not for me but for my family.  I love giving presents, I don’t think anything will top last year’s presents because I went all out, so this year I’m going for more sentimental presents.  I’m not going to say what because my mom reads my blog and I don’t exactly want her knowing what her Christmas present is this early on. 

November and December Blogger Meetups

I’m super excited because on November 22nd I am meeting up with 11 bloggers in NYC again!  My first blogger meetup was last year in November (here and here) and it was the start of some great friendships outside of the cyber world.  I love meeting with these girls because they are the only ones that truly understand what it means to blog.  I’ve had so many people say “oh you just upload a bunch of pretty pictures and that’s it, can’t be THAT hard,” when I turn down an invite for dinner because I have to blog.  Blogging is so much more than that and it’s great being able to talk to these lovely ladies who completely understand.  Now moving on to my December meetup with my blogger bestie Ellen from Ask Away.  I’m so super duper excited to see her again!  We are going to a nice dinner and exchanging gifts and Christmas cookies, I seriously cannot wait!  She has become my real life best friend and I consider her family.  We never say good morning or good night because our conversations NEVER stop.  We fall asleep and then respond the next morning, we send the most embarrassing pictures to each other, I swear, people would never understand the conversations we have.  Maybe our friends are our soulmates.

Christmas Jars.

I am currently also making a Hanukah jar as well, but the Christmas ones were requested by my mom.  Now she has asked for her own set.  My store is currently closed so you can’t see the actual listing but it will open back up today or tomorrow, whenever I’m back from my trip!  This 6 jar set is currently listed for $100, however each jar can be sold separately, or if you would like a different type of set that is fine too, those will just be made to order jars. 

Don’t forget this week was my Epilepsy Awareness week on le blog because it is officially Epilepsy Awareness month.  If you would like to check out some of the posts click below!

And finally, if you never read my story you can check that out here.

P.S.  I’m currently on a business trip and will respond to emails and comments as soon as I am able, so please don’t think I’m ignoring your lovely selves!


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  1. Oh my goodness, those Christmas cookies are beautiful.

  2. I love love love shopping for, and giving presents! It is my favorite thing to pick out something I know someone else will love.


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