Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Best and Worst Products of 2014 Collaboration
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Best and Worst Products of 2014 Collaboration

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Today I've collaborated with DianeSimone, and El.  Just click on their names to check out their blogs!

Best Products of 2014

So today I’m having a little discussion with a few bloggers on our best and worst beauty products of 2014.  I’m the type of person that once I find something I have to keep using it at the fear of switching to a different product and absolutely HATING it.  Which is why my “best” list is longer than my “worst” list because I don’t really like to try new things unless someone tells me that there are good reviews.



This is such a tough one.  Honestly when it comes to makeup, this year I was introduced to CC cream and this has been my number one go to product.  I’ve only tried the Mary Kay and Almay CC Creams and I’m very happy with both.  Both go on smoothly as expected and I don’t have any allergies.  The reason why I chose CC cream over liquid foundation is because it gives you great coverage but it also is a complexion corrector.  Any sudden acne has not popped up which happens when I use liquid foundation.  Powder foundation is different, I tend to use either Bare Minerals (Matte/Original I like both) or Glory Boon.


When it comes to skin I’m all about moisturizing.  My go to product on this has not changed.  I’m a Nivea girl and probably will be for the rest of my life.  I grew up using that Nivea cream from a tin can and will continue to do so.  I use it on my face, my lips (they get chapped in ALL seasons), and even my hands or any rough spots like elbows and feet.  I guess this isn’t my product of 2014 but my product of my life.  It’s awesome, I love it.


Sally Hansen and OPI are the best.  I haven’t tried any of the extremely expensive brand names because these fit my needs.  They are the absolute best.  They glide on smooth and they’re long lasting (as in shelf life).  Of course nails chip and mine do A LOT because I work with my hands (typing, and my Etsy shop) but I’m sure if I didn’t use my fingers they’d be fine.  The OPI topcoat does wonders!  My polish can last up to almost a week without chipping and that’s with all the work I do.  Which is perfect because I try to have a new Mani Monday for y’all every week.  Oh, also just to add, Sally Hansen Maximum Strength shield is THE BEST.  If you paint your nails as much as I do I highly recommend adding this to your collection and using it religiously.


Oh I would have to say since starting this whole going blonde process my hair has become quite the rat’s nest when talking about damage and terrible frizz.  I found a conditioner (I almost never use conditioner until now) that is the bomb dot com.  Loreal Total Repair.  It has helped my hair so much.  My hair is obviously still damaged and probably will be until I grow it out a bit and continue to trim it but at least Loreal helps it survive a little bit. 



As much as I love using my Mary Kay at Play liquid liner that’s different colors, I’m not sure if it’s just my sensitive skin or if anyone has this issue but it burns.  It burns when I put it on and until it dries.  If it wasn’t so vibrant and so pretty looking I wouldn’t use it but it just looks so pretty!  Beauty is pain right?


Thankfully I didn’t run into any products that make my skin worse.  I think it’s because I have sensitive skin so I like to stick with what I know.


There’s this one polish (Sinful Colors) that I use and I’m not sure if it’s because the polish is less expensive or because of the color, but it leaves my nails yellow.  I don’t mean yellow as in it gets stained slightly when you wear darker colors that ruin your nail, I mean yellow as in it looks like I have fungus.  Good thing I’m constantly doing my nails because you can’t see it, but my ring finger nail is still growing out this gross color.  I think it’s a mixture of both the color and the fact that the polish is on the less expensive side because other Sinful Colors polishes don’t do the same damage, and other brands with brighter and more vibrant colors don’t stain as bad either.


I guess the worst thing I could have possibly experienced this year with my hair is all the highlights that were my own fault for going to get my hair done.  I haven’t really tried any products that make my hair worse besides the bleach.  This is why I have started to deep condition this damaged hair of mine.


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  1. Great picks! I agree, OPI is def. the best brand of polish out there. Although Essie has awesome colors, the quality just is not good at all in my opinion. I get highlights too and I agree, they destroy my hair!

  2. This is such a fantastic idea!!! I really wanted to try that L'oreal shampoo thanks for the rec!!


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