Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Florence Italian Grille//Breinigsville
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Florence Italian Grille//Breinigsville

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Photo's courtesy of Ellen from Ask Away

As some of you lovely readers of either my blog or my blogger bestie’s blog (Ask Away) know, that Ellen and I met this past weekend for a Christmas gift and cookie exchange.  I’m so excited because we’ve already started talking about our next meetup and this time we are planning on having a sleepover so stay tuned on where we are going for that!

Back to this past weekend’s meetup.  We decided to go to Florence Italian Grille in Breinigsville, PA.  Not only were the food and drinks delicious, the waitresses were amazing.  We actually had two waitresses and both were great.  Sophia and Tammy were their names so if you ever go to this particular restaurant ask for either of them.  Sophia is extremely knowledgeable on everything the restaurant has to offer and she was such a breath of fresh air from the usual type of waitress you get a restaurant.  She actually seemed to be enjoying her job which in the food business is tough.  Tammy was great too because she was great at balancing when to come and ask us how we were doing and when to get our checks.  You know how some waiters/waitresses are overbearing and they seem to be rushing you to leave?  That was definitely not the case.

Ok, so now that I told you about the great service both of us received let’s talk about the food and drinks!  I decided to start out with the Jamaican Cowboy which was extremely sweet but still delicious, tasted just like fruit punch.  I also decided on the Midnight Espresso Margarita which was really good if you’re a coffee and Kahlua person.  Now if there are certain fruits that aren’t in season they won’t be able to make that drink which may be a bummer for some people but I think it’s actually pretty awesome because it means they’re fresh and not frozen fruits.  Also, their wild salmon is actually caught and brought to the restaurant which is pretty awesome.  As an appetizer I got mozzarella sticks which were good, they were ginormous.  As for our entrees, Ellen and I actually said it must be made in house because it wasn’t brought to us right away.  Usually when food is brought to you within a few minutes it means that they use frozen food and we actually had to wait for ours.  It tasted so delicious!  I got Fettucine Alfredo with Shrimp instead of Chicken.  It was one of the best Fettucine Alfredo’s I’ve tasted.  All in all it was a great experience and no I was not asked to write this review nor did I get compensated this was all on my own.

Let’s talk about what Ellen got me for Christmas.  I was so excited because we did a cookie exchange and she made Grinch Cookies which were uploaded onto her blog a few days before our meetup.  I made her my peppermint brownies (recipe will be up on Friday).  She also got me this book that she has been telling me to read for quite some time “The Single Girl’s Manifesta.”  I’ve already read a little bit of it and I must say it has some valid points.  A lot of people are so scared to be alone but we are born alone and die alone, what are we so afraid of?  Moving on to my favorite part of this present, she got me a camera lens travel mug.  How adorable is it?!  At first when I opened it I wanted to yell at her because I actually thought she got me a lens since I’ve been wanting a new one but then I saw the picture with the froth coming out of the top and was amazed.  Seriously this is the greatest Christmas present I’ve gotten!  I think people think I’m weird carrying around a lens but then when they see me open it and drink it, either I get the face of “Aha, it’s for coffee” or I get the face of “oh my gosh she ruined the lens to drink out of it?!”  It’s funny and I can’t wait to see more people make faces at me.

I had so much fun as usual and I can’t wait to see Ellen again in February if we aren’t snowed in, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!  Do any of you fellow bloggers have blogger besties that became real life besties?  I always love hearing stories of how y’all met since my blogger bestie and I are officially soul mates!

Also, stay tuned for my OOTD post for this meetup as well, I'll give y'all the details of my outfit.


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  1. Girl I am not used to your blonde hair!! I didn't recognize you at first and then remembered you changed your hair haha! You both look beautiful and it looks like you had so much fun! I don't have a blogger bestie, but really I feel like some of the ladies I have met blogging would be better friends than my IRL friends,ha!

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