Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 for Friday

5 for Friday

4:00 AM


All I have to say is I DEFINITELY live in the wrong state.  Mother Nature, we seriously need to talk about this snow nonsense.  Can you just be nice for once and bring on the warm days pretty please with a cherry on top?

St. Patrick’s Day Special

Stay tuned because starting next week until St. Patrick’s Day I’m having an all green special.  I’ll be showing some green outfits, mani’s, and some baked goods. 

Featured on Pampers and Pearls and check out H54F

This week I was featured as the most viewed on Pampers and Pearls.  How awesome is that?  Then if you head on over to Tif's blog that co-hosts H54F (High Five For Friday Linkup) you’ll see me as the featured blogger as well.  I love the blogging community.  Whether it be features, or people commenting the sweetest things it’s just so great to be a part of something like this.


Ok, so I’m always joining linkups that I actually started toying with the idea of starting a link up.  I’m not too sure on what day to host it but does anyone have any comments?  There are so many linkups in the blogging world but I want to start my own.

Friday Funnies

Since last week’s post (here) was a little serious, I decided to bring back some funny good times for y’all this week!  Happy Friday!

Happens every time!

Kind of what my car looked like the other day haha

Oh, and let's not forget about all of the crazy YouTube videos of epic fails in the snow and on ice.  They crack me up because so many of those people were me at one point.  Instead of being in pain I would laugh about it.  Bottom line, spring needs to come back into my life!


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  1. A-GREE! {Just needed a little more emphasis there!} Where is the spring weather? Yes, on the linkup! I've been thinking about starting one of my own also... I think you could definitely bring traffic to your site and have fun with it! Yay for St. Patrick's day - I've got a really cute graphic tee that I just launched on my blog :)

  2. That video made me crack up. Couldn't stop laughing. So funny I checked out your blog because all this week I've been thinking the same thing as you - do I want to start up a linkup? When, a theme, etc. So many I know, I also think, do we really need another one??? So let me know what you come up with, I'd be interested. Stopping by from High Five for Friday

  3. I can't imagine all that snow y'all have gotten this year! We got six inches yesterday and six inches last week here in Texas, which (as you know) is super crazy for here!

  4. the winter memes cracked me up! I live in Houston and no snow day here!

  5. Stopping by from H54F. Congrats on your features this week! So fun!! :) The winter funnies totally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh ;) Hope your weekend gets off to a fabulous start!!

  6. hahaha!!! such a funny post


  7. The winter memes are spot on! Seriously. Thankfully, most of ours melted today:) And we moved into a house with a 2-car garage about 12 hours before the first big snow storm hit 3 weeks ago, so at least my car wasn't covered.

    Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

  8. You should come to LA and escape the cold! ;)


  9. YES! Love the funnies at the bottom as usual. On top of having the clocks spring forward today I looked outside when I awoke to see it snowing. Sigh. PLEASE COME SOON SPRINGGGGGG

  10. um, yes, can it be spring already!?!

  11. Swooning over this! Love the post, gorg! Have a lovely Sunday! Xo

    Evolution of Glam

  12. Haha- love your Friday funnies! Can't wait for all this snow to end either. Best, ican'taffordmylifestyle

  13. HAHAHA That last slip video is so funny! I've done a few of those in my time :) Hopefully things will warm up for you soon! Hope you had a great weekend! Glad you were featured, too!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  14. Can you believe it's St. Patty's Day already. How fast time flies...c'mon Spring!


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