Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Ripped Jeans 2 Ways and a Link Up!
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Ripped Jeans 2 Ways and a Link Up!

4:00 AM

Blazer:  Marshalls (old) // Jeans:  Miss Me // Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals: Marshalls // Sunnies:  Gucci // Necklace:  Macy's // Bangles:  Lilly in Pink

I feel like this week is the wearing things more than one way week.  Yesterday’s post featured a dress that I just slightly altered from last year.  Today’s post I’m going to show you how to wear ripped jeans both dressed up and down.  It’s so strange when I think about dressing up jeans because I remember there being a time where jeans were inappropriate for certain occasions even if you did try and dress them up and nowadays I see them everywhere.  Ripped jeans are a little trickier BUT I was willing to take on the challenge I gave myself.  Also, once you're done reading this post if you want to see how I styled these jeans last year for the first time ever, just click here!

Ok, so if you know me, you know that I LOVE the color pink.  I think it’s quite the unhealthy love (actually not to me) but that’s what happens when you don’t allow your daughter to wear pink as a child haha.  I was a model looking baby with very little pink.  I wore pencil skirts before I could even walk.  With that being said, my love for pink is now a little over the top, but that’s ok.  I wanted to dress up these jeans so badly with my pink blazer.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but it definitely did (in my opinion).  Since the blazer is hot pink (which makes a statement by itself) and very casual looking it doesn’t look like too much of a contrast with the ripped jeans.  The taupe sandals with minimal neck bling and big black sunglasses make for the perfect combination of dressing up without going over the top.  I made sure my accessories were to a minimum because the ripped jeans with a hot pink blazer was already enough.  Plus, you can’t see it too much but in the holes of the jeans there’s fabric in the American Flag pattern.

Jeans:  Miss Me // Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Sneakers:  Converse Chuck Taylor's // Sweatshirt:  Stella McCartney for Adidas // Sunglasses:  from Poland

For the dressed down look I wanted to really contrast by wearing my favorite Stella McCartney for Adidas sweatshirt and my trusty Chuck Taylors aka Converse.  I love this sweatshirt because the arms are almost like a bubble while still having a body hugging waist.  You can see my original post about athletic wear in the fashion world here.  I wear this sweatshirt two different ways.  Anyway, I put on my trusty Chucks.  These are what I like to call my racecar shoes because they are perfect for driving.  I don’t like to wear these if I know I’m going to be walking a lot because they’re flat and I end up in pain towards the end of the day.  I feel like this is the perfect lounging around the house kind of outfit, or going outside for a walk.  The jeans substitute for Yoga pants which I only wear for the gym.  I’m not sure why but I just can’t bring myself to wear them outside the gym or when I wear them as PJ’s.  I used to wear sweatshirts a lot in college, so I try to stay away from them now that I’m a “grown up.”  I have a fashion confession to make.  Back in the day I used to wear a lot of sweatpants and sweatshirts in college AND I was a fashion minor.  Those 8am classes when I had to commute were brutal!  That’s my defense haha.  However my hair and makeup was done 90% of the time so at least I got something right!

That concludes my styling ripped jeans post.  I think I did a pretty alright job especially since I’m not a jeans type of person.  I really don’t wear jeans a lot.  That’s what happens when you’re bottom heavy.  Jeans are a battle in the fitting room.  They are either too tight around your thighs and butt and just right around the waist, or they are gigantor around your waist (causing everyone to get a free show down your backside area) and just perfect on your thighs.  This pair however fits perfectly.  Thank you Miss Me jeans for being awesome haha!

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  1. I love both looks, especially the dressed up version. In high school, I pretty much only wore ripped jeans. I was obsessed and wouldn't buy a pair of jeans without any type of rips in them.

  2. I love the TWO WAYS TO WEAR! You just can't go wrong with distressed denim.

  3. What great looks! I love them both! You look fabulous!

  4. Both looks are awesome, but I love the pink cardigan.

  5. I love the bright pink jacket in first outfit!

    Happy Medley

  6. I love the ways you styled the jeans Monica. The first look sticks out to me tho cos I'm in love with bright colors. I would link up but I didn't post today :(. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. love the first look with the pink blazer!! fab!

    Have a great day!! :D
    Animated Confessions


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