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5 for Friday

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Poland tomorrow

I am off to the motherland tomorrow!  I’ve been counting down and annoying the life out of all of you talking about this every week.  I can’t wait!  I get to see my family and eat all of the delicious food.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m the first person in my family to be born anywhere but Poland.  Therefore, everyone except for my mom, dad, and brother are back in Poland.  I went to Poland last year and shared all of my adventures with y’all. 

If you missed any posts from last year's trip to Poland you can click herehere, and here!

Guest posts while I’m gone

Since I’ll be gone for 2 weeks (I’ll be back to normal blogging on August 17th, sometimes taking a vacation not just from life but social media is EXTREMELY relaxing) I have posts scheduled.  The first week is all about some of my fellow bloggers.  These lovely ladies will be taking over my blog next week, so stay tuned because there are a lot of helpful ideas that will be thrown around next week that are DEFINITELY worth reading.  I actually took some tips from some of these ladies.  The following week I have my own posts scheduled for you so stay tuned for those too!

Have pink hair

Since I’m going to Poland for two weeks, I won’t have to go to work.  I work in the corporate world and as much as I love different hair colors (especially pink and Kylie Jenner green) unfortunately that’s not accepted in my working environment.  I figured that since I will be gone for two weeks, by the time I get back the pink would fade.  So, why not?

My little helper Lilly, she's definitely not thrilled about this remodel haha.

Room remodel

Can I please just say how much of a project my room remodel is?  I’ve been working for the past week!  There was so much spackling to do since the previous owners did a terrible job when they installed a new door in my room so this had to be spackled quite a few times.  When we remodeled my room 12 years ago it wasn’t this bad, but a lot can change and fall apart in that amount of time.  Then the wiring in my room is atrocious.  I’ve dealt with all of these problems my whole time living in my room, but since boyfriend and I are doing everything ourselves, we decided that since everything is already out of my room, might as well take advantage and really do a good job even if it does mean spackling and sanding for 3 days.  I seriously won’t be sanding any walls for a few years after this haha!  I really can’t thank him enough though, he’s been such a trooper, not only helping me and doing a bulk of the harder work (this is my first time even painting a room, it’s definitely different from my jars on Etsy) and dealing with my mini tantrums when something doesn’t come out right or when I realize that this won’t be done before I leave.  THANKFULLY boyfriend said whatever is not finished will be done by the time I get home.  I really got lucky with this guy.

Black Birks

If you read my posts about Birkenstocks (here) a few weeks ago you’ll see that there is quite an obsession with these sandals.  I’ve been wearing them since I was about 4 or 5.  I got my first pair while we were vacationing in Florida with my parents.  Ever since then I’ve worn them, well except for when they weren’t cool and I didn’t want kids making fun of me.  Then last year I saw how much the BLEW UP in the blogging world.  I mean, they were cool again.  A few years back I bought myself two pairs at the shoe store I was managing and wore them at work because if you have ever worked or currently work in retail you know how straining it can be on your body physically.  I have an issue with my knee so these helped me so much at work.  I’m no doctor or specialist but I really think that these sandals helped save my knee a little bit while I was working in retail.  Every time I wore them I didn’t have too many issues but when I wore any other shoes I was limping or in pain by the end of my shift.  I know that a lot of knee and back problems can be caused by what shoes we are wearing and getting insoles or the correct shoes helps.  I recommend Birkenstocks for the summer time, like I said I’m no doctor or specialist but they really made my knee feel better, as for actually making it better that I can’t really say for sure.  Nevertheless my new ones came in!  So excited to wear them while traveling they are going to be so comfy!


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  1. Hope you have an amazing time in Poland! :)

  2. I love your pink hair. Have fun in Poland.

  3. Soooo loving the pink hair!!! You go girl!! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Poland! How exciting! Enjoy your time with your family (and the food of course)!!!


  4. Hooray!! Have a GREAT trip and enjoy all that family time and the food you've been craving!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. Have so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I loved the pictures
    Loved your blog
    Following your Fan Page and your blog if you can follow me?
    My instagran:luanacarvalhoi, reciprocate you there!

  7. Have fun in Poland darling. Look forward to the posts about your trip.


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