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5 for Friday

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^Flashback Friday with this picture! Boots: Cavenders

Concert on Sunday

I’m going to my first real country concert on Sunday.  I’m pretty excited about this because well I’ve kind of been wanting to go.  I love all types of music, but there’s something about country that makes me happy.  I will be attempting to take pictures of the concert and will possibly post them on Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart) so make sure to follow me!

Goat Farm Tomorrow

Yes, you read that right.  I’m going to a goat farm with boyfriend and instead of tasting wine, we will be tasting cheese (insert heart eyed emoji here)!!!!!  We love cheese and probably connect the most when we are eating cheese haha jk!  No, but seriously we love cheese.  I thought it was something that we would never do and it’s a cute idea so why not?

Pole Dancing

I tried pole dancing on Tuesday!  I definitely needed something fun and exciting to try that wasn’t the normal thing to do.  Now what made me try this might you ask?  Over in Europe it’s becoming more popular as a competitive sport, not just something they do in a gentleman’s club.  My cousin has her own studio where she teaches pole dancing to women and men of all ages.  So after I did just one trick (yes JUST ONE) at my cousin’s studio I was sore for the next two days.  I thought to myself I have to take a class because this might just be the fun workout I need to get fit and have fun doing it.  Enjoy this video, that girl is my GOAL. 

Room Update

I feel like this room is taking FOREVER!  I finally have furniture and am slowly putting things back into my room and organizing.  I feel like the one problem I had with my room (which is weird because everything else in my life is organized) everything was just kind of all over the place.  Nothing had a designated spot and nothing was organized.  With that being said I’m working on organizing everything before I say I’m finally finished and this is what is taking so long.  I promise though, once I’m done I will upload everything so you can see the before and afters since I’m extremely proud of this room!

My Recent Thoughts

I wanted to take the time to talk about something that’s been on my mind lately since I came back from vacation.  I’ve seen quite a number of bloggers taking a break from the blogging world.  Whether it is for an indefinite time or they simply say they will be back in a week or in my case I had posts scheduled while I was on vacation.  This made me start to think, is the blogging world dying out?  It makes me really sad to see some of my bloggers that I’ve been following for years say they are taking an indefinite break.  I know blogging is hard, I work full time and my blog feels like it’s my second fulltime job along with my Etsy Shop.  That’s why I know it’s for the best for some bloggers because if your heart isn’t in it, everyone will notice by your content.  That’s why if there are days that I don’t want to blog, I won’t.

I also know it can be rough (from experience) and it’s so easy to get down on yourself.  When you see bloggers growing that started a year after you did or you see blogs that in your opinion don’t provide good content, good pictures, or have a messy design, having a much bigger following than you than even though you started way before they did, it can seriously take a toll on your confidence in your blog.  I still have questions arise like:
  • Why am I still doing this?
  • Why is my following not growing?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What is my ultimate goal?
  • Am I wasting my time?

That’s why I wanted to take the time to give my responses to the above questions, not just for myself but for everyone else.  You started a blog because you wanted to and it is your creative outlet.  It is your space on the internet that is your own and you can do what you want with it.  Don’t get down on yourself if your following isn’t growing, I mean I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years and yes it’s been hard and no, I’m not where I would like to be but I didn’t start my blog to become internet famous.  I started my blog because I work in an office where I can’t truly express myself and my creative abilities.

Why am I still doing this?

Because this space is my baby.  It is where I can be myself.  This blog of mine is where I can be creative and let my true passion shine.  It’s where I’ve learned new things and gained more confidence.  When I first started I was NOT comfortable in front of the camera if it was anywhere but my house, but now I’m all for taking a picture because it’s for my blog.  I’ve learned more about photography and photoshop (thank you YouTube!).  I’ve learned more about myself.  I’ve learned that, that girl who used to get made fun of and bullied in school her whole life did have some confidence.  She was worthy of someone’s time, and she WAS beautiful.  Everyone is beautiful.

Why is my following not growing?

This is something I can’t really answer.  It’s probably because I’m not as active as I used to be because I have been extremely busy.  I used to have enough time to respond to blog comments AND comment on everyone else’s blog.  Now I barely have enough time to comment on everyone else’s blog.  I do look though, I promise I really do look at your blogs and read your posts.  As much as I hate to say it I feel like having a lot of followers is more of a popularity contest.  This isn’t meant in a negative way by any means because it’s great, I truly do love a lot of the bloggers who have a huge following and I follow them myself.  I think the key is to get noticed by someone who can make you go viral so to speak.  I’m not blogging to have a lot of followers or anything like that, that’s just an added bonus.  I’m doing it for fun, and as a hobby.

What am I doing wrong?

Honestly, there are sooooo many things that I am/have done wrong with my blog, but you learn from your mistakes.  I’m extremely hard on myself and criticize myself  A LOT.  I have to ask my mom or boyfriend which picture is more Instagram worthy or which one catches more attention.  Unfortunately I’m still learning from my mistakes because I’m doing this all on my own.  I’ve asked for help here and there from my fellow blogger friends, but in the end this is my blog and I have to run it the way I want to.  Even if that does mean falling on my face and waiting for someone to say I told you so.

What is my ultimate goal?

I’m not going to bore you and say I wish to become the next Cupcakes and Cashmere because I mean what she’s done is AMAZING but I feel like a lot of bloggers that I’ve met in the past have said they want to make it big and blog full time.  As much as I would LOVE to do this I’m more of an attainable goal setter.  My DREAM is to become the next Cupcakes and Cashmere but my GOAL is to have fun.  This spot is for me to have fun and be myself.  I’ve learned how to write like a grown up in my more serious posts and I’ve learned that I like writing.  I like writing advice articles here on the blog and I love putting humorous ones together.  My blog is my happy place.  When I first started I said my one goal was to inspire at least one person.  Regardless of whether it’s inspire an outfit, or inspire them to step out of their shell.  I still stand by this.  I’ve gotten pretty personal in a few posts and I hope that sharing my stories help someone else.  Sure it’d be awesome to do this full time, but that’s a dream not a goal.

Am I wasting my time?

Believe it or not I ask this question A LOT, especially when I’m having a bad day.  Since I’m writing this on a good day I want to answer no, but my negative sad self wants to say yes.  There’s really no right or wrong here.  Think about it.  To one person having a blog is in fact a waste of time, but to others whether you’re making money off of it or if you’re like me just doing it for the fun of it it’s not.  When I have my bad days I say it’s a waste of my time, but that’s because I forget why I started blogging.  It wasn’t about the following, the perks, or the potential full time career, it was because I was bored at my job and needed a creative outlet.  I’ve always been a creative person and keeping me cooped up in 4 walls of gray (aka a cubicle) this blog is something I NEEDED in order to keep living life through a positive way.  Although, I must say the four walls of gray aren’t so bad.  I’m surrounded by anything minion and a bunch of Orphan Black figurines, and little things that I’ve gotten from people along the way.  Oh, and there’s a lot of pink post its!

Sorry for that long read y’all but I needed to let it out.  That’s what I do here on the blog.  I let things out and just talk to a screen.  Yes, I know that sounded crazy, but sometimes you have to actually listen to your thoughts, or in this case, read them.


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  1. Those boots are gorgeous. I'm a pretty big country fan--who's playing at the concert you're going to? It's pretty popular for us bloggers to seriously question why we do what we do--what can I say, it's a weirdly fulfilling little world and I'm grateful for this creative outlet, especially in a rather transient stage of life when I can't really invest in hobbies that take equipment other than the internet. :)

  2. I really want to take a pole dancing class! Going to a goat farm and tasting cheese sounds fun. My mom is planning on getting a pygmy goat or two.

  3. Have fun at the concert! I have always been pleased with any country artists I have seen!!

  4. I've been having a lot of the same thoughts about blogging as well. I just started a month ago, but I had a different blog a few years back. I'm trying to focus as much as I can on having fun with it and not worrying too much about the numbers or comparing my blog to other people's blogs - but it's hard not to do that sometimes. Have a great weekend!

  5. The problem, I think, is that people have been blogging for the wrong reasons. Blogging is primarily about having an online journal. In the past five-ish years, though, too many people use it as an attempt to make money and become Internet celebrities. I think some people give up because they are disappointed by not having five thousand followers and being able to quit their full-time jobs. I wish more people just treated it like an online journal again. It should be a hobby first and foremost.

  6. Such a great post! I hope you had fun on the goat farm and at the concert! I go through wanting to blog and not wanting to blog, and honestly just go with how I feel. I love the separated the difference between a dream and a goal - it makes a difference!


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