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Pole Dancing

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I tried!  It was hard, at least for a first timer and I had bruises for two weeks on my thighs to prove it!

Me attempting a Pinwheel turn.  I will one day master this!

Pole dancing isn’t just for the Gentleman’s Club anymore.  This has turned into quite the competitive sport.  My cousin owns her own Pole Dancing studio in Gdynia, Poland so make sure to check her out if you’re in that area.  Also, I decided to start taking classes.  I’ve been going for a month now and I must say it is such a workout.  On top of it being an actual legitimate workout, it’s fun.  If you are in the NJ area, the studio that I go to is in Morristown and it’s called Wellness on the Green.  They offer so many different types of classes like belly dancing, aerial silks, and much more.  With that being said I want to get into a competition that I went to while I was in Poland.  I know what you’re thinking I’ve been back for a month (Summer Pole battle in Sopot, Poland, which is where the pictures of the girls are from), but I wanted to get some more information from the girls that I took pictures of and my cousin’s studio.  Enjoy their interviews below!

Ola Wojtowicz(This would be my cousin)

My studio (Rock the Pole in Gdynia, Poland) has been opened since August 2014.

I decided to open my own studio because I wanted to be independent. I wanted to develop it myself and first of all I wanted it to be a clean and nice place for the clients - not just another company where it’s just the money that counts. I also wanted to create a place where teaching pole dancing is not on a whim but a consistent and considered plan.

My studio offers classes including pole dance and stretching. We also offer classes for the men such as calisthenics. I used to teach pole dancing in my studio but unfortunately my health problems, particularly injuries  of my right shoulder forced me to have a longer break and focus on my rehabilitation.  Thus, nowadays my job is mostly more like being a manager than an instructor but I hope it will change in a couple of months.  Fortunately, I have people who work for my when I can't.

How long have you been pole dancing for?

I think I started to take lessons in 2011.  I took private lessons with various instructors in Poland.  I also finished a professional courses in Pole Dance and Pole Fitness Instructor in Warsaw, Poland which enables me to be able to teach others.  I started to go to workshops and learn new tricks on my own.  I did have a couple of longer breaks which were connected to my health problems.

What made you try it?

I thought about how when you try pole dancing, there are a lot of rules to be broke.  For instance, breaking the rules of gravity.  Isn’t that exciting?  In order to do that you have to work very hard, fight the pain and your fears of falling down from the pole.  When you work step by step to achieve your smaller and bigger goals, that is one of the best feelings in the world!  Additionally, I have always wanted to dance and it has always been my passion.  The chance to become a pole dancing instructor came just in time.  One thing I will say is the later you start intense sports that require a lot of discipline, the more difficult it is to go further than you would like.  Thus, my body has a lot of injuries that I struggle with.  However, I’m determined to come back and dance again soon, because this is my passion.

Have you been in any competitions and how many?

Unfortunately I did not manage to be in any competitions. First and foremost I have to focus on coming back and teaching along with taking care of my injuries.  Maybe in a year or two I would like to take part in a competition in Poland, however this all depends on my health.  Wish me luck!

Monika  Łukaszewicz

How long have you been pole dancing for?

I started 2 years ago.  Within my first year I attended pole dancing classes once a week, after one year pole dance has become my obsession, I bought my own pole and I started more frequent trainings.

What made you try it?

My friend from work joined pole dancing classes 6 months before me and she took me for classes. I loved it! I always loved to dance, as a young girl and I dreamed about being in gymnastics, but I didn’t have the possibility to train in my town.  Pole dance is a perfect mix of dance and gymnastics. This sport is designed for me!

Have you been in any competitions and how many?

Summer Pole Battle was my first competition.

Patrycja Szydłowska

How long have you been pole dancing for?

I’ve  been training in Pole Dance for the past 13 months. 

What made you try it?

Previously I was interested in a similar training; gymnastics.  My body was ready for gymnastics, however there was no chance to prepare for competitions with just two years of experience.  Gymnastics is the type of sport that you need to train for ever since childhood. 

Have you been in any competitions and how many?

I have been in a competition before.  It was on the beach (Summer Pole Battle) and it was my first show.  I consider this a great experience and lots of fun.  I would like to take part in more major competitions in 2016.


There you have it everyone.  Pole Dancing is NOT just for the club anymore.  It’s become a sport, and even though some people still frown upon it, I recommend you watch some videos on YouTube, because these girls are acrobats.  I have no idea how they do half of the things they do when I can only do a few turns that are still not up to par haha!

**Do not use any of these photos without having written permission from me first.  If you would like to use these photos please contact me via email mejmoda [at] gmail [dot] com and I will get formal releases from the dancers pictured above.


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