Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Body Positive Post #6: Fitness Belt
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Body Positive Post #6: Fitness Belt

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TKO Fitness Belt // Sweatshirt:  Stella McCartney for Adidas // Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants Calvin Klein (Marshalls)

Before Storm Jonas decided to devour the East Coast I received this fitness belt in the mail.  Really quick side note, the other posts this week were already scheduled that’s why this is the first snow picture.  Now as part of being body positive, I also wanted to talk about ways that I’m taking care of my health while also being comfortable in my own skin.  That’s why for today’s post I want to talk about this TKO Fitness Belt.

First of all, let me tell you that I got such a workout thanks to Jonas.  I can’t even tell you how many inches were on the ground at my house, but I know that the dogs sunk into the snow haha.  I didn’t do anything or go anywhere on Saturday because there was really no way of getting anywhere.  They didn’t even bother plowing until late Saturday, early Sunday.  It snowed ALL DAY.  My dad plowed the driveway so that he wouldn’t have as much Sunday morning.  Thanks to my dad doing that I didn’t sink when I walked outside to clean off the cars.  I decided I was going to clean off the cars because it has to get done eventually, I wanted to leave (nothing wrong with my parents I just get cabin fever), and it’s an excuse to squeeze in a mini workout that might actually be fun.  I put on the fitness belt put my keys in there along with my phone (now, just fyi I have the iPhone 6s Plus, so this thing fits this ginormous phone).  I let my iTunes play off my phone and off I went.  It was so comfortable knowing that my phone and keys won’t get lost in the snow, nor will they fall out and get damaged and wet.  It took me a while, and it was really cold, but I uncovered the cars.  Before I did anything it just looked like three bumps in the snow haha. 

Another plus side is this belt is affordable.  At $12.99 you can get this belt for your next work out.  I will definitely try out this belt once it’s time to go outside and go for walks and what not because I feel like I’m always out of hands because half the time my lounge/workout clothes don’t have pockets.  I honestly hibernate in the winter, my knee and now back (thanks to my accident) hurt way too much in the cold. 

I guess what I’m trying to get at in this post are two things.  One, this belt has many uses, not just for working out, and two just because you are trying to be healthy and take care of yourself doesn’t mean you cannot be part of the BOPO movement.  Being healthy and taking care of your body are part of my journey to being comfortable in my body and being positive about it.  I know that I physically don’t feel good when I have a bag of chips (when I say bag I can usually eat a family size bag within two days haha), as opposed to eating a salad.  I’m not saying I will stop eating junk food all together, but I will definitely try and eat healthier just to physically and mentally feel good about myself.  However, one thing I will definitely never give up no matter what kind of diet it is, is cheese.

P.S. If you want to join in on this movement/topic and don't have a blog just post on Instagram using the hashtag in the title #JGTHBodyPositivity or tag me @JerseyGirlTexanHeart I'd love to read your stories too!


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  1. I have a similar one of these I picked up at a running expo. So easy to throw in my keys and phone and go for a run!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish


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