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5 for Friday

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Blogging Consulting

I am excited to announce that I’m officially doing a little bit of blogging consulting.  It’s only about the basics and everything that I wish I knew years ago.  I go into detail about a lot of beginner do’s and don’ts.  I made a whole new tab at the top of my blog titled “Blogging Basics.”  If you click on it there’s more information, but I wrote a 14 page packet.  That packet is $5 and then I also offer packages that include Skype sessions and even coaching.  I’ve already started consulting with the store (Ewa Bazaar) I’ve been working with for the past few years.  They wanted to start a blog and we are still going through the whole coaching process.  Once their blog is fully up and running (it's currently under construction) I'll be sure to share it here.  They were my first customer!  It’s very exciting for me.  I hope that I can help and inspire some soon to be bloggers!

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One more week for the sale

Alright y’all, I know you’re probably getting sick of me talking about the sale, however you have one more week!  My Etsy shop needs some room for new inventory because I have so many ideas, but I can’t really do much until my current inventory decreases a little bit.  The sale is one of the biggest to date.  It’s on any order of $15 or more (not including shipping).  You receive 30% off at checkout with code THIRTYOFF however if you share the sale on social media and send the link in an Etsy message I will discount your order by 10% prior to you taking the additional 30% off.  For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard me ramble about this sale the past few weeks (sorry for those of you who have dealt with my repetitiveness) I make handmade wire bangles along with home décor mason jars.  I also take custom orders, these too will be part of the sale even if I can’t make it in time before the sale ends, if you contact me prior I will mark the items down for you.  Pictured above and below are either custom orders (the jars are upcycled jars so if you want these I may not be able to get them but I do have regular mason jars) and bangles I made for myself.  Happy shopping!

Custom Order from Lilly In Pink taken from the Lilly In Pink Shop Instagram

Going Apartment Shopping

Well, it’s not really apartment shopping, but I do have an appointment with a complex I’m looking into tomorrow.  The one struggle I’ve been having is up here in NJ your chances of finding a pet friendly apartment are slim to none.  So far, I’ve only been able to find two within my budget.  I’m not one of those people who can leave my dog behind because I can’t find a home that allows pets.  She is my fur child, and I really treat her like one of my own haha.  She has a pretty good life with me as her mom.  Anywhoo, wish me luck tomorrow because I really am set on this place (for now), they are pet friendly, and within my budget so I hope they have availability for my expected move in date!

No more Blonde Blogging Pictures

Well, Wednesday was the last day of my blonde blogging photos.  I am officially moving on to my brunette hair photos!  I’ve been flip flopping on social media but, I’m officially starting my brunette chapter here on the blog.  I swear I’ve been every color and cut possible within the few years my blog has been around.  Maybe one day I’ll do a little round up post of all the different types of hair I had, that would be interesting.  I will say though, my favorite was hands down, my pink hair over the summer.

Stay tuned for YouTube Tutorials

I have so many exciting things happening lately here on the blog and my YouTube channel.  I’ve finally found a method that works for me on makeup tutorials and making sure they are quality videos or at least close enough to quality since I don’t have the crazy awesome lenses that some of you Vloggers have.  At the beginning of this post is a video about my blogging consulting, but stay tuned for more videos.  I have two more makeup tutorials that are in the works or being edited.  On top of whatever else I decide to do!  So, I hope you stay a while and stay tuned for future videos.

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  1. There are a lot of no pet apartments in Philly as well which shocked me when I moved from New York City since no one cared if I had a cat!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Awesome post! Good luck with your apartment hunting and congrats on the consulting! Can't wait to find out more!


  3. Congratulations to you!!! Good luck with the apartment. Have a great weekend! xo Amanda

  4. Such an exciting time for you! Chase those dreams girl!

  5. Blogging consulting?! How fun!!

  6. Congrats on your blogging consulting!! :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  7. I discovered your blog through the linkup. I'm a Texas girl, so that caught my eye! I just started blogging in January, so I may have to check your blogging packet out. I still have a lot to learn! Have a great weekend!

  8. Everyday I find things I wish I knew when I started my blog. We learn everyday, great idea to begin a consultancy Monica.

  9. This will be so good for new bloggers who have no clue what to do, my friend is thinking about starting a blog and I said I would help us much as I could but I think I'll send her along here and to your youtube chanel now :P

    I look forward to seeing your brunetteness on your blog :)
    Meme xx

    New post:
    'What Big Eye's You Have//Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway*

  10. Congrats on the blog consulting gig. We have the same problem with finding places with pets here too. I'd love to move to a different home, but I have a cat and a dog. It's hard to find somewhere else that will allow that.


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