Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 for Friday

5 for Friday

4:00 AM

Happy Early Easter Y'all!

Kitchen is Done

My kitchen is finally done.  If this is your first time here I recently moved into an apartment and have been attempting to make it my own.  The problem with the kitchen is it’s somewhat outdated so I have to make due with what I have.  So with that I decided to do a country’esque rooster/chicken theme.  I want to do a whole country/rustic theme throughout the apartment so I figured since the kitchen was small and I spend most of my time in there anyway I might as well start there.  Especially because I don’t have to buy any furniture for it so any money spent is not a lot.

Day Off

I have a day off today, so I’m going to be sleeping in a little bit and hanging out with Lilly.  I will also be preparing some Easter goodies!  I’m making these eggs that I saw on Facebook, I seriously love those quick DIY videos.  I’ll post the picture on Instagram so make sure to follow me (@jerseygirltexanheart) to see more!

My besties book is on Amazon

So my blogger bestie Ellen from Ask Away Blog, wrote a book which I’ve talked about here before.  Well, her book is officially available on Amazon!  Make sure to click here to be redirected!  The book is called Fixing your Finances which is something she did.  She dug herself out of 25k worth of credit card debt and is now living her happily ever after AND in her own home that she bought.  So, I’d say she did pretty alright for herself!

Changing my eating habits

Lately with the move and everything I’ve gotten a little distracted when it came to my weight and what not.  I thought maybe since I’m moving and lifting things all the time I’m getting a work out, however I feel like I gained weight (and I mean weight as in fat, not muscle).  I don’t have a scale yet (not on purpose) so I don’t know for sure but then I started thinking what am I doing differently.  I realized that I started eating later than usual because by the time I come home and take Lilly out and get all settled I just want to relax for a few minutes before going to eat.  By the time I eat it’s already late and I eat a decent size portion then 1-2 hours later I’m in bed.  So, even though I don’t have something telling me I gained weight I have a feeling I did.  I know that I had a body positive series which to be honest I don’t think will be returning due to me not feeling 100% comfortable.  I thought maybe starting that series would motivate me to feel better about myself while helping others, but to be honest it didn’t help me.  I hope it helped someone else but it definitely didn’t help me.  This is the reason why I started wearing more boho inspired outfits and more flowy tops because it hides everything.  My stomach and arms are the biggest they have ever been and honestly I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror.  So after over a year of saying yea I’ll take care of myself, I’ve finally decided that at this point I don’t have a choice, and I cannot fail.  I’m not sure how this will go this time around but I hope I can actually stick to this.  The one great thing is it’s getting warmer out and it’s still light out for a little bit when I get home so I can start going on long walks with Lilly.

At Home Workout

With the last topic and the picture above I’ve decided to also start doing some at home exercises.  I feel as though I became bored with the normal exercises so I’m finding other fun ways to stay active at home (I’m not a huuuuggge fan of the gym, just a little bit, in moderation).  The great part is I’m on the first floor so I don’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors downstairs.  Since I have an injured wrist I can’t do the pushup part, but I’ll do planks in place of that.  Hopefully I can continue to find fun workouts like this so I don’t get bored again!

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  1. I really wish I had today off! My students were asking why some schools had it off and I had to explain it is a religious holiday for some people (myself included - but I am working for a number of different reasons). The population of my school is mostly non-Christian/Catholic so the holiday is not recognized.

    Stopping over from a link up. Hope you can pop by my blog as well!

  2. Love finding good at home workouts!! May have to try that one!

  3. Hooray for getting your kitchen done!!!!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Ah, I feel the EXACT same way as you about fitness and how I've been feeling about my body. I don't want to look in the mirror either. I lost around 15lbs this time last year and I've gained it all back plus five pounds so I'm at my highest weight my biggest problems being my stomach and arms too! I wouldn't even mind the number on the scale if I just felt better in general. Ugh. So frustrating. But I felt the same way as you… I don't have a choice anymore so I just have to suck it up. Guess the 8 mini reese's before bed aren't doing me any favors, are they? ;) Good luck only your journey! We just gotta stay positive (so hard though sometimes).

  5. Congrats on getting the kitchen done. Mine is outdated too but my hands are tied because I rent. Don't want to put money into something that's not mine.


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