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5 for Friday

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Hey y’all!  So I am finally back to blogging, I’m still a little behind with comments and everything but at least I’m able to bring you a 5 for Friday this week.  I would like to first start off with a Giveaway I’m hosting along with the brand Ewa Bazaar.  I’ve been working with them during most of my blog’s duration and they have so kindly given an item to this blog for a giveaway!  The item is as pictured above.  It’s a Gucci scarf that I like to call the 4 seasons scarf.  If you look at Wednesday’s post it shows all angles of the scarf and it almost looks like each “woman” is supposed to represent different seasons.  I love this scarf and I’m so thankful that Ewa Bazaar was willing to give it away to one of my readers!  If you into Wednesday’s link it gives you all of the information and how to enter, AND how to enter each day.  This is also open to international readers/followers, however you will have to agree to pay shipping which can be a minimum of $35-$40 (USD).  If you do not agree you will be disqualified.  Good luck everyone!

Still Sick

Ok, so you know how I was saying for pretty much the past week that I’ve been sick.  I’M STILL SICK!  I’m not contagious as of Monday so I was able to go back to work but whatever this virus is I DO NOT wish it on my worst enemy.  I not only had a flu like virus, but I had a sinus virus too is what the doctor told me.  I was out of work for most of last week and am still not 100% this week.  I’ve been toughing it through this work week but I am so happy the weekend is here so that I can sleep a little bit. 

TWD Reaction **Spoiler Alert if you didn't watch the finale**

Ok, there’s going to be spoilers on this part of 5 for Friday so scroll down to the next one if you don’t want to know anything that happened.  Now that I’m done with the disclosure part, did anyone else watch Walking Dead on Sunday?  I’m so mad that they ended the season like that, I really want to know who Negan killed so that I can move on with my life and decide whether or not I want to continue watching!  Anywhoo, I don’t think they are going to follow the comic because they’ve strayed off the comic a bit so I don’t think it was Glen because that’s just too obvious since Negan kills Glen in the comic.  Daryl is also a contender but a little too obvious as well since everyone kept saying they thought it was Daryl due to Norman Reedus’ new show.  I think it’s an unexpected character that gets killed.  I have a feeling it’s an “alpha” character like Michonne or Rick, maybe even Carl.  I don’t know, every day I’m changing my mind about who I think got hit by Lucille aka the barb wire covered bat.  What do y’all think who saw the finale???


My 3rd Blogiversary is coming up!  Ok, it’s not the technical 3rd Blogiversary, because I did start this blog in 2010 but I took a 3 year hiatus so I go by when I came back to blogging.  That is coming up on April 17th.  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for this much time already.  All of the hours spent getting ready for outfit pictures, and coming up with content.  All of the times I came up with clever posts that made people laugh, and of course all of the amazing people I’ve met over the past few years.  This blog is such an accomplishment, and I’ve actually grown with it.  I’ve realized how many things I’m actually capable of.  My fashion style and writing style have changed quite a bit over the years but I think it’s because I’ve evolved a little bit, that and fashion changes all the time.  I’ve kept my blog true to myself and why I started it and have not become follower/famous hungry because I was always taught to be myself.  I haven’t followed the blogging trends which I guess can also be a mistake on my part because it’s how all of them made it to the big leagues but I like being different and if that means keeping my circle smaller I’m totally fine with that.  I don’t want to be just another fashion blogger, I want to be Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.

Cavenders Haul

As some of you know I’ve been working with Cavenders through my blog for quite some time now and have collected quite the variety of boots over the years!  I saved up a bunch of my gift cards from them because I didn’t want to go crazy and buy a pair of boots just for the fun of it (although that sounds awesome) I waited and after a year I bought some clothing, boots, and pillows for my new home.  I can’t wait to blog about all the stuff I got and I can’t wait to show y’all!

Also, one more thing!  Don’t forget to check out the #shareyourhero campaign I’m a part of here.  Learn how to win a trip for two just by uploading a picture on Instagram!

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For your convenience I've added the giveaway to this post as well.

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  1. Oof, being sick is no fun, especially when it goes on forever! Hopefully you feel better soon!

  2. I love your blog!
    Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x

    xoxo, Nastya


  3. Poor thing still sick after a week. So long. I hope you are feeling better soon and this scarf is fabulous. xo~ Megan The Fashionista Momma


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