Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Athletic Nail Art-Healthy Lifestyle Series Part 1
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Athletic Nail Art-Healthy Lifestyle Series Part 1

4:00 AM

Hey everyone!  Ok, so today starts my workout/healthy living series!  I’m starting it off with a lovely nail art that showcases my I guess you can say refurbished love for kickboxing.  When I was younger in high school I earned my brown belt and did kickboxing for quite some time.  Then my senior year is when I got my diagnosis and my doctor told me that I can’t kickbox anymore until we see how I’ve reacted to the medication.  Well, some months went by and we monitored my health, then he stated I can go back but I can’t spar.  Ok, well that was the only way I was going to make it to get the black belt I so badly wanted.  That’s when I decided to quit kickboxing completely.

Now that I’ve been doing this program and on top of the workouts that are part of the program I also decided to take up kickboxing.  One of my coworkers had told me that she found a Groupon for CKO Kickboxing right around the corner from the office.  So I decided you know what, let me try this.  These classes are just the cardio and technique part of kickboxing, I don’t have to spar anyone.  Well, I gave it a shot and needless to say I picked it right back up on day 1.  My Groupon was for 6 classes (or 4 I can’t quite remember).  I fell back in love with a sport that I once was really good at.  I ended up getting a membership and have been going ever since.  I LOVE IT.  It feels so good to know I’m not only exercising and doing positive things for my body, but I’m also practicing my techniques of self defense. 

I have a funny story about kickboxing from when I was younger.  I’ve told this story here before, but for those of you who haven’t heard it you’re about to giggle to yourself a little bit.  When I was practicing and training really hard to earn my brown belt my instructor gave me pads to bring home with me so I can practice with my dad.  Now, my dad is a pretty big guy.  He’s super tall and has been an athlete (on and off) for his whole life.  So he suggested the one morning we go outside and I practice a little bit.  My dad told me to “give it all I got.”  Well, at first I didn’t want to and told him I don’t want to because I have a mean roundhouse.  I don’t think he was expecting how strong my kicks were because he didn’t plant himself in the ground too much and yea, I kicked my dad and made him fall over.  Yup, I did.  I felt so terrible afterwards but said “I told you so.” 

Needless to say, when I got back into kickboxing I felt complete.  I felt like that little bit of me was still missing and at the same time I’m working out.  It’s a win win!


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  1. That's awesome! You get back to doing something you love. I love used to practice martial arts myself but after having kids, taking up the gym religiously, blogging and working full time, it was hard to find any sort of time for it as the type I was practicing was only offered in 1 club twice a week. I decided to go back once my kids are a little older. Would love if you can link up to


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