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Five on Friday Linkup

4:00 AM

Giveaway Extended

I wanted to make an announcement y’all!  The giveaway has been extended an extra week.  Now, you have a chance to enter and win a Ralph Lauren Tote Bag (you can pick one between the two colors pictured above).  The giveaway will end Wednesday 7/13.  Good luck to everyone!

Fixate Cookbook

My Fixate Cookbook came in this week!  If you’ve been following along the past few weeks you would’ve already heard about how I started the 21 day fix.  Well Round #1 is already over.  I will complete another two rounds before my trip to Poland and because I don’t want to continuously eat the same thing (so I don’t get bored) I bought the cookbook as well.  It has so many delicious looking recipes in it.  I cannot wait to test out some of these dishes! 

Keep Collective

While I was away this weekend one of the people who was staying at the boyfriend’s parents house in their vacation home is a designer for Keep Collective.  If you haven’t heard of Keep Collective I highly recommend you go check it out.  It’s these adorable bracelets with charms and they are actually super affordable compared to other charm jewelry out there.  It’s such a brilliant idea because you can build your own bracelets and they even have watch charms as well.

Work Out Clothes

Since I’ve been working out every day I was running super low on clothing before laundry day.  Some things I actually started hand washing because I just couldn’t catch up on doing laundry.  I went on over to the TJ Maxx website just to take a look around and did you know you can actually order things online?!  I know in the past you couldn’t so I was leaping for joy.  I did some research and it’s actually really unhealthy for a female to either wear workout clothes a second time without washing them AND it’s unhealthy for us to stay in our workout clothes after we’ve done our workout.  Unfortunately for us ladies our privates are extremely sensitive.  Even though it’s so easy to go from the gym to run a few errands because hey we’re already out, make sure to change out of your workout clothes ASAP.  I’m not going to get into details here on the blog but I did find some information on the Livestrong website regarding how important it is to get moisture wicking clothing and why it’s important to watch yourself even though you’re doing something positive for your health.

New Skin Care Routine, any eye cream suggestions?

Recently I decided I needed to start taking care of my skin.  I’m a beauty blogger/vlogger and I usually talk about the importance and washing your face or at least removing your makeup.  Since I started working out, I sweat A LOT.  My face at the end of the day would just feel nasty.  I even stopped wearing eye makeup so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it smudging all over the place and getting into my eyes.  So I decided to jump on the bandwagon of getting in the routine of caring for my face every day.  I started using the Olay Oil Free Moisturizing wash and Toner.  First I wash my face, then I use the toner.  I also bought this adorable Tony Moly Brightening Eye Base.  It’s not an eye cream, it’s just for puffyness and what not.  I have not found an eye cream that I want to try so if any of y’all have any suggestions please please please leave them in the comments.  I’m getting closer to 30 each day and I want to make sure I start taking care of my skin before my crows feet get a little more noticeable.  I need to find a specific moisturizer because my pores are a little larger but for now I’ve been using Nivea because that’s what I have been using my whole life (literally since a baby) so it’s hard for me to switch over but I do need an oil free moisturizer.  So, if any of y’all have any recommendations on that too just let me know but I’m more concerned about the eye cream.


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  1. Hi!! Loving your blog!!! Wanted to let you know about a great eye cream that I currently use. It's by Rodan & Fields. I think you'd really be happy with it. If you'd like to chat, stop on by and knock on my door!! All the best!!! Your neighbor, Stacy. :-)

  2. Cute tote! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! xoxo - Amy J.

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