Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Kylie Lip Kit VS. Colourpop and a LINKUP
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Kylie Lip Kit VS. Colourpop and a LINKUP

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In these pictures I'm wearing Exposed by Kylie

Hey Y’all!  I wanted to first and foremost apologize for being so behind on adding the top 3 from the linkups.  The weeks prior to last week were extremely busy with vacation and coming back, however last week was due to something that happened on Tuesday.  I was involved in a car accident Tuesday morning.  I was hit almost a year after my last accident and the accident was fairly similar only this one was a lot worse.  This time around they totaled my beloved Volvo.  That car was my favorite car of all time and I had full intentions on driving that until it would need a new engine and then continue driving it some more.  I was not ready to say goodbye to her.  I cried the whole way home Friday after signing the paperwork that it had been totaled.  So as you can see it was a pretty rough week.  The worst part was I needed to purchase another car by the weekend.  It was extremely stressful but I got it done.  Stay tuned to Friday’s post to find out what car I’m driving now, or if you follow me on Instagram you already know.  I won’t be showing the top 3 this week either but will get back to doing that next week.

Ok, now that my sincere apologies have been said, let’s move on to this post.  I actually filmed this prior to my accident and was going to edit it for last week, but of course plans had to change.  If you follow my Facebook page for my blog you already saw a sneak peek of my Kylie Lip Kit vs. Colourpop on there.  A few weeks ago I decided to post some pictures and write a paragraph about my thoughts and I did state I would make a video, well here is the video!

About a month or two ago I received my first Kylie Lip Kit in the mail.  I was told by a few people on my personal Facebook to try Colourpop because it’s the same thing only difference is it doesn’t say Kylie on it.  Well, it’s definitely not the same.  I personally like the Kylie LK’s better, however if I were going for a one time color I would probably turn to Colourpop.  The price is way better with Colourpop because I bought 6 Colourpop (one is not included in the video I couldn’t find it for some reason) liquid lipsticks for less than one Kylie Lip Kit.  The quality with Kylie’s LK’s is just better and the lipstick lasts longer.  Whereas the Colourpop ends up flaking off.  In the end I will probably continue to purchase both brands but for different reasons.  For daily use I prefer Kylie but for fun or every once in a while use I prefer Colourpop since they have a wider variety of colors.  Have you tried either the Kylie LK’s or Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks?  What’s your opinion?

Don’t forget to check out my video on YouTube, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!  Scroll over the video for this week’s Wednesday Linkup.

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up



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  1. So sorry to hear about your accident, how awful for you. I hope you're recovered from it xx


  2. You're making me wanna try out Kylie's stuff!!!

    I am launching another 3-part collaboration starting this week with fashion-forward brand STAYING SUMMER - come on over at the blog & see what I am excited about!

    Happy Wednesday!


  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your car, but the most important thing is that your alright.

  4. Awesome review, thanks for sharing!


  5. On no! Sorry to hear you were in an accident :-( I was in a fender bender once and it really shook me up. I can't imagine how stressful it was to have your car totaled. I'm glad you are ok though!

    I haven't tried either product but I would probably go with the ColourPop because I refuse to contribute to the Kardashian empire :-)
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. Omg, so sorry to hear about your accident! I saw that you were getting rid of your old car but I didn't realize that was why. Glad you're ok!

    The Closet by Christie

  7. So sorry about your accident and losing your car! That's horrible! I really hope you're feeling okay after the accident!

    I've been wanting to get a matte lipstick like the Kylie Lip Kits, but they're always sold out, so I might try the Colour Pop ones!

  8. Thank you for doing this review. I am a huge fan of lipstick and always looking forward to trying a new one. Are you back from Poland yet? Hope you had a lot of fun.

    A brand-new linkup is up. Come join it Monica. I miss you.

  9. Great review, I have personally not tried either so this is very helpful!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  10. Sorry to hear about your accident - how horrible and distressing. Hope you're feeling ok now.

  11. I really like the color you have on! Ill have to check it out,as the Anastasia was drying on my lips
    Thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx


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