Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas
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5 Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas

12:30 AM

I’m about to introduce some last minute Christmas present ideas that actually don’t seem so last minute.  I got a few ideas from mine and my blogger besties presents from our meet up over the weekend.  Even though we actually thought about our presents, the gifts we got would work for last minute gifts, so I wanted to write a post today about 5 different types of people and different gift ideas for them.  Keep reading to see what ideas you can use if you’re still looking for a gift for someone!

For the Person who recently moved out/homeowner/cook

Ok, so I recently moved out and my blogger bestie bought a house over a year ago.  She’s obsessed with fixing it up and making it home by accenting with home décor.  Meanwhile since I’m in an apartment I have a smaller space to work with but I’m constantly cooking because of my healthy lifestyle and making sure I make everything instead of buy it.  My blogger bestie got me some of my favorites from The Pioneer Woman which is sold at Walmart.  She got me a nonstick pan, measuring bowls, and measuring spoons.  It’s seriously perfect because I’m almost always saying I wish I had more because of all of the things I make.  I decided to get her some wall décor from Target since I know she loves deer heads and decorating.  For the person who just moved out either on their own, with the significant other, bought a house, or (with my gifts) just likes to cook just buy something for their home.  If they’re new to their new home get them something they will need or use.  Trust me, they’ll appreciate it more than you think!

For the Fashionista

I hate giving gift cards to people because I don’t feel as though it’s personalized enough but getting a gift card to someone’s favorite store is the best way to go.  The reason why, is because if you want to buy clothing for someone the one issue will be if you buy something either too big or small.  If you buy something too small they can’t wear it until they have to go and exchange it, but if you buy something too big you might hurt their feelings and they might take it as they’re being called fat.  This isn’t the case for everyone but some people might actually take it that way.  To add to the gift card put it in fun packaging and just write a really heartfelt note in a card, I love reading cards!

For the boyfriend

If I were to buy any last minute gifts for my boyfriend it would be anything car or technology related.  I really wouldn’t be able to go wrong with getting a gift card from Best Buy or getting anything Google/Android related, but with car stuff would be where I would need to do a little bit of research so I would probably stick with a Best Buy gift card and then make a little care package that had some of his favorite candy or snacks along with some more cute things.

For the Parents

These are usually the difficult ones.  My mom loves anything Christmas related so I would probably get her an ornament or something, but my dad is tricky.  For mom’s and dad’s I feel like they are the ones we should spend more time on since I mean without them we wouldn’t be on this earth.  It makes me really sad that I can never give my parents anything that they deserve for Christmas because of bills (I seriously hate being an adult more and more each day).  If I could I would probably buy both of them a round trip to some island somewhere or for a trip to Europe.  Since I can’t afford that I would get them something small and meaningful so my mom would be ok with anything Christmas related and for my dad I would either get him something with electronics or some money/gift cards for anything fitness related since he’s been on a fitness kick.

For the Christmas Obsessed Friend/Family Member

This one is just super easy.  We all have that one friend or family member (my mom) who LOVES Christmas.  This is when you get a chance to either make something (I made reindeer out of wine corks last year) or you can buy Christmas ornaments.  This is why my mom is so easy to buy Christmas presents for because she loves anything to do with Christmas!

Oh and in case you missed this week’s posts, here they are!

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  1. Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! Loved your round-up of the week! I'll have to check out your holiday makeup look gorgeous!!!

    Sarah Bell
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