Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Christmas Dress
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Christmas Dress

12:00 AM

Jacket:  Old (mom's closet) // Dress:  Banana Republic // Shoes:  Ewa Bazaar

Can y’all believe that Christmas is less than a week away?  That’s crazy, I feel like Thanksgiving was just yesterday.  This happens every year though, I feel that as you get older, the days kind of blur together more and time flies way faster than you’d like it to.  I remember being a kid and thinking wow I wish I was a grown up already, or when I went through my rebellious phase I so badly wanted to live on my own in a studio apartment in NYC (which is hilarious because I really don’t like going into the city unless I really need to, too much for me).  Nowadays I wish I was a kid who still believed in Santa Claus and the little kid who didn’t realize the Santa that came to visit every year was really my dad dressed up as Santa.  I wish that I didn’t catch my parents wrapping presents in the basement that one year even though they tried to cover it up by saying Santa’s elves needed help so they stepped in for them.  That was the moment I knew Santa wasn’t real.  Then I justified his non existence when I noticed Santa had the same birthmarks as my dad.  I pretended to believe in Santa for a little bit for my younger brother, but I knew Santa wasn’t real.

I wish I still believed in Santa.  I still secretly (well not so secretly anymore haha!) believe in Christmas magic.

I met with my blogger bestie Ellen from Ask Away Blog this past weekend and she said something that stuck out in my mind.  When we met for lunch, her fiancé had texted her and said Santa was coming because he heard the fire trucks.  She said that she was slightly bummed because she was excited to see Santa and her fiancé asked her why and she said don’t you sometimes still want to believe Santa is real?  I would have to agree with her because I do still get excited when I see Santa at the mall especially if he looks too legit to quit haha.  I still sign my gifts with “From Santa and Monica.” 

When I have kids in the future I’ll be able to relive Santa being real and being able to tell them stories of how Santa used to visit me every year.  Insert giddy smiley face here.


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  1. What a gorgeous holiday outfit! You look beautiful!

  2. That is a lovely dress and your jewelry is pretty!

  3. Girl you look gorgeous in red!!! Loving that necklace :) Hope you have a great holiday :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy


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