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NYE Makeup

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For today’s makeup tutorial there’s no video.  I really honestly just did not have time between all of this holiday madness.  I had so many things go on during Christmas that I just didn’t have time to record.  However, I wanted to do a tutorial a little differently.  If you need to know how I actually do all of this you can watch any of my makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel, and then refer back to this post for the different colors and products.  My neighbor recently gave me a bunch of new makeup for Christmas so I’ve been using a bunch of new fun things!  One of which was black lipstick.  I so badly have been wanting to try black lipstick because it’s so goth/badass but I know some girls who wear it and can pull it off as being a little girly too.  I figured this would be a great look if you are going out, I mean you look like a vamp, but it’s so mysterious and there’s something beautiful about it, in my opinion.  Let’s get started on this NYE/Gothic makeup tutorial.  


Ok, so this is basically one of the most important parts of your makeup regimen besides of course moisturizing and actually taking care of your skin.  Pictured here is Matte Makeup Setting Spray and Pore Professional by Benefit.  Both are supposed to act as a great primer for your face and help diminish the look of large pores which I DESPERATELY NEED!  I use the Ulta setting spray first (then I use it a second time when I'm all done with my makeup), I let that dry and then move on to the Pore Professional Clear tube and let that dry before proceeding.


Next up I use my Covergirl/Olay Eye Depuffer. (the 4th from the left)  I use this under my eyes and sometimes if there is excess on my sponge I will put it on my lids too to make it act as a primer.  Don't pull and tug at your eyes though, just dab it on there and blend it in that way, it takes more time but it's better for your skin.

After this I use concealer (2nd from the left) to cover up some problem areas such as pimples or anything of that nature.

Next, I use my Sally Hansen foundation (third from the left) and cover my whole face.  The best part about this foundation is it's meant to leave you a flawless finish, and boy does it do just that!  I have fallen in love with this foundation, it's supposed to give an airbrush finish and it really does.  The only thing I don't like about it, is the fact that it comes in an aerosol can.

Highlight and Contour-I feel like this year was the year of highlighting and contouring.  Literally EVERYONE was doing this and knew what this was.  We also saw all of the people who did it wrong and I really hope that someone has told them to ease up on the bronzer and highlight since then.  I usually put the highlight on first (I'm sure this isn't the correct way but I'm no expert).  It's hard to explain where I put it so just go on my YouTube channel and watch one of the tutorials, it'll show you exactly where I highlight.  Or you can just look up a diagram for highlighting and contouring on google images so you can save that for later.


Ok, so I love anything that has to do with eyes.  I think the eye portion of makeup is my downright favorite.  I numbered the eyeshadows 1, 2, and 3.  If you watch any of my eye portions of my tutorials I do the eyes the same every time I just change the colors.  For this one number 1 is for the lid, 2 is for the outer corners to get the smokey eye effect, and 3 is for under the brow bone.

Once I'm done with that I add the gel liner, the one pictured here is Rimmel and it's in a navy, I thought that would be fun for New Year's.  As that is drying I will move on to my dipbrow pomade (in this tutorial, other times I usually just use a brush and brown eyeshadow for my brows).  Then I use mascara, the one pictured here which I have been loving is Rimmel.


Ok, so I should definitely have a lipliner for this gem, but I couldn't find any in time that I made due with just the black lipstick.  After wearing this one I want to get a matte one so bad!  I feel really badass in this lipstick and I also feel glam too, but in a punk rock/goth type of way.  

That concludes my NYE makeup tutorial, sorry it wasn't a video but I hope you liked it regardless!  Don't forget to check out this giveaway!


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