Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 Reasons why you need Lace Up Flats
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5 Reasons why you need Lace Up Flats

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Pants:  Ewa Bazaar // Tshirt:  Zanstyle // Necklace:  Banana Republic // Flats: Zara

We’ve all seen this lace up flat trend skyrocket over the past few years.  I mean I have 6 different pairs and all are completely different, believe it or not.  I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t own one pair.  Lately everyone has been going crazy over the infamous Miu Miu Lace Up flats.  You know which ones.  I honestly think they are gorgeous, but for me not worth the $670.  I wouldn’t pay that much for something that’s a trend.  I would pay that much for a classic piece, ok maybe.  That’s still not a definite haha.  I’m not going to lie I live life on a budget and believe it or not I love the simple things.  That’s why I love lace up flats because they are simple, yet add a little somethin’ extra to your outfit.  That’s why for today’s outfit all I did was put on a pair of lace up flats and my entire outfit changed!  I also love being able to play with this tshirt I received from Zanstyle.  I love that even though I'm wearing a tshirt I was able to dress up the outfit.  This means I don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion!  So, let's move on to why you need a pair of lace up flats in your closet.


This trend is everywhere and I'm sure it's here to stay for a little while!  I mean have you seen every single blogger out there and every single fashion magazine?  What I love about these is they've evolved from the regular lace up flats which I have (the middle picture above) and now they have the most beautiful flats.  I mean take my Zara flats for example or even the Miu Miu flats I was talking about earlier.  Look at how those shoes came from the regular lace up idea.


In the above linked post this was done by a blogger who blogs over at My Little Nest Blog that I've been following, I was the one that actually inspired her to make the post because she saw a flat lay of my Zara flats so I'm so happy I sparked a DIY for her.  A lot of these trendy lace up flats or sandals you can do on your own.  Do you remember the lace up sandals with pom poms and charms from last year that was all the rage?  It was so easy to do a DIY for those.  Plus, you can see exactly how creative you can be!


Flats are just comfortable for me to wear because I'm tall and I have a lot of issues that wearing heels for an entire day just hurts me too much.  I can only wear them for so long.  I love that the lace up flats I have (one pair I'm still breaking in) are super comfy.  I also love that the fashion industry has introduced comfort into the trendy areas as well because let's be honest here, we all love a day where we can dress up, still be trendy, and still be comfortable!

Heel Alternative

Ok, so if you take a look at the above photo they even have the heel alternative!  This is for my ladies who seriously cannot go a day without wearing heels.  I know that there's some of y'all out there, and I truly envy you for having feet of steel to wear heels everyday!  I have seen a lot of bloggers who have the flats also own the heel version because I mean they're gorgeous.  Plus, they make your legs look so gorgeous!


If you take a look at the above few photos, I obviously have multiple pairs and they can be worn so many different ways.  I also have a pair on the way that I cannot wait to try on.  I hope they fit because I searched multiple websites and could not find a pair in my size.  I don't really know what my favorite pair so far is because well even though they look similar they are all different in their own way.  

Also, in case you missed this week's posts see below!

**Please note I was given the T-shirt for a review, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love lace up flats for so many reasons and you touched on so many of them! You look adorable and I love those zara flats! Hope yo8 have a fab weekend and thanks for linking to the DIY! ��


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