Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 7 Ways to Make Your Vacation an Unforgettable Adventure

7 Ways to Make Your Vacation an Unforgettable Adventure

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7 Ways to Make Your Vacation an Unforgettable Adventure

Taking a vacation is an enjoyable way to relax, get away from the pressures of everyday life, and find new adventures. Time away from work or other stresses in your life allows you to recharge your batteries, become rejuvenated, and maybe even renew your love of life.
Whether you are planning your next vacation trip or are just about to embark, here are 7 ways to take your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary.
Lose the Tech, Plug into the Culture
One of the fastest ways to ruin your vacation is by remaining tethered to the office or home. In a world of ever-increasing mobile devices that allow us to stay connected 24/7, we sometimes forget to simply unplug the devices and simply relax. If the point of your trip is to enjoy yourself and relax, what better way to accomplish this than by disconnecting yourself from life (temporarily) and immersing yourself in the culture that surrounds you. You could even select a vacation destination that’s more remote!
Eat Your Weight in Local Cuisine
Experience the culinary bounty that is before you and gorge yourself on the local cuisine. Dining on a baguette in a Parisian cafe or crunching the phyllo on a freshly baked spanakopita in an Athens restaurant are some of the delights you can experience only when on vacation. If the expression goes when in Rome, then eat like the Romans, or Greeks, or English!  
Stay in a Luxury Villa
If your next vacation includes traveling overseas to exotic and interesting locations, such as the Mykonos Island in Greece, you want to consider staying in a villa instead of a hotel. Choosing a luxury Greek Mykonos villa gives you a home away from home experience that is beyond a normal hotel stay. A luxury villa has many different amenities and exclusive offerings for its guests such as personal concierge services, private spas, and food that will make you feel special and help you truly enjoy your vacation stay.
Discover Local Points of Interest
The time and expense you spend to get to your vacation location, only to spend your days inside your room, seems like a waste. Choose several local points of interest, of historical and/or cultural significance, and go experience them first hand.
Tour the ruins of the ancient Coliseum in Rome. Walk the grounds of the Parthenon in Athens. Stand in the footsteps of the Allied soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy in France, climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty and then take the ferry to Ellis Island and read the stories of those who left their homelands to find a new life in America. Plot your adventure and discover local points of interest on your own or as part of a tour group to find out what is truly unique about the place you have chosen for your vacation.
Plan a Road Trip
Rent a car, bicycle, or other modes of transportation and hit the road. Take a day trip to some local town or another locale that is off the beaten path, but offers a different perspective of your vacation spot. You may discover a local festival in progress or be able to purchase fresh produce and baked goods from a farmer’s market. You may also discover a local music festival and be entertained by a local band or the music of that region.
Pamper Yourself
Remember, vacations are about you. Period. Find some time while on vacation to simply do you. Go to a spa or masseuse and rid your body of all of the tension and stress that you have been holding. A day spent just on you can make a world of difference and may also help put you in the proper frame of mind for the rest of your vacation stay.
Take an Extra Day
You are having so much fun taking care of yourself and discovering new and interesting things while on vacation. Why not let the good times roll (or as they say in New Orleans, laissez bon temps rouler)? Take an extra day and finish your vacation in style and luxury. No one is going to miss that extra email or memo that you need to write and you certainly aren’t going to miss that impending 4-hour conference call on your schedule.

Make your vacation truly memorable!

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