Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 Ideas on What to Wear to a Summer Wedding
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5 Ideas on What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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Dress:  Banana Republic // Belt:  Burberry Prorsum (gifted from Ewa Bazaar) // Clutch:  Juicy Couture (old) // Shoes:  Target

I just went to a wedding on Sunday and it sparked my interest to write about some fun outfits to wear to a wedding.  The above dress would be perfect for a summer wedding and I added the green belt to spice up the outfit a little bit.  I was actually going to wear this dress to the wedding up until I got another dress in the mail, which if you follow me on instagram (jerseygirltexanheart) you already saw that dress.  It was a very last minute change, but I wanted to try something a little different.  Check out my Instagram to see what dress I’m talking about!

1.  Gown

When I went on Sunday I saw a few gowns that were perfect for the wedding.  They were different colors and were very summery so it went perfectly with the season.  I actually wore something similar to a gown.  It was more of a maxi dress than a gown with a short skirt underneath but in pictures it looked more like a gown because of the material.

2.  Cocktail Dress

I saw a lot of super cute cocktail dresses at the wedding.  I was going to go for more of the cocktail dress look but I chose a different dress.  I personally wouldn’t go too short just because that’s my personal preference, but I definitely think wearing a super short dress will target the wrong attention and ladies, let’s keep it classy.  All attention should be on the newlywed couple.

3.  Destination Wedding

I haven’t been to a destination wedding but a few people have uploaded the most gorgeous photos from their destination weddings that are usually on the beach with beautiful summer colors and everything is just perfection.  For a destination wedding (based off of a beach wedding for example) I would wear anything islandy, colorful, and light.  Most likely a maxi dress that just flows when the wind hits it.

4.  Rustic Wedding

My favorite kind of wedding!  The rustic wedding has become quite the popular thing over the past few years and everything on Pinterest usually shows a rustic wedding, or something similar.  Mason jars, flowers, trees, barns, the whole nine!  For a rustic wedding I would honestly wear a dress with cowgirl boots, but that’s just my personal opinion.  I know the boyfriend’s sister would totally approve of that outfit idea too. 

5.  Conservative (for religious ceremonies) Wedding

I was raised Roman Catholic (I will not be speaking about religion here on the blog, I’m just stating a fact in my life) so going to church every Sunday was the norm.  I would highly suggest dressing conservatively for this portion of the ceremony and then for the reception do whatever you want.  Even if it’s not your faith, it’s to respect the rest of the people at the ceremony who’s faith it actually is.  For example, on Sunday the groom is of the Jewish faith so all of the males were handed a Yamaka and out of respect for the groom everyone had it on for the ceremony.  For a church wedding you will need to make sure your shoulders are covered (so get a dress with sleeves, or bring a jacket) and that your dress is at least to your knees.  Think of the dress code for when you were in high school. 

I hope this post helped you decide on a few ideas for summer weddings and I was so happy to attend the wedding on Sunday.  The bride looked absolutely beautiful and so extremely happy to call her groom her husband.  It was a great day and beautiful venue.

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