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5 Things: What not to do on Social Media as a Blogger

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**Warning, really long post!

I didn’t feel that I needed to speak about my opinion about something because I don’t have a huge following like some of you amazing bloggers out there, but I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned along the way regarding social media.

As a blogger social media is our lifeline, because that’s the way we promote our actual site.  Most people nowadays prefer to follow these fashion bloggers on Instagram and never even click on their blog link.  I would know because I’m actually guilty of it!  Sometimes I honestly just really like the pictures they post, but don’t find their blog really that interesting because they don’t really write at all and they basically just post the pictures, so why not just see them on Instagram?   I’ve seen so many things on Instagram specifically that are just those “oh no, seriously?” moments.  A good example was on one of my Auschwitz posts on Instagram someone actually said “wow, great shot, check out my page.”  Like, what?  Did you not see the post?  Did you not read anything about it?  I usually delete those comments because it’s just annoying.  For today’s post I want to get into what to do and what not to do on social media, especially Instagram since that’s the biggest thing right now.

1.  DO NOT use a bot, but DO authentically comment.

If you read my previous paragraph that’s a perfect example of what a bot comment would look like, although this might have been an actual person spamming everyone’s Insta, who knows.  What bloggers do is they spend money to have a service comment and like other people’s posts so that they don’t have to spend time doing it themselves.  I mean, this could be very effective and in their favor if it actually was full proof.  I’ve seen these bot comments on posts about how someone has passed away and how hard it is and it’s a picture of their hands holding in a hospital and I see comments like “great shot” or “I have this company, come check out my page.” 

If you really want to use commenting to your advantage and interact with your audience or people you follow it’s not that hard.  How long does it really take to read an Instagram caption?  I think the longest one for me was a few minutes, but that’s because the person wrote a really long heartfelt post.  Instead of aimlessly scrolling on Facebook, take the time to read people’s posts and comment.  Some bloggers won’t respond because they get thousands of comments and they probably don’t have that extra down time to interact with their readers.  I mean at that point, they’re kind of like celebrities.  I mean, I’m not saying that saying “cute” for every comment you write is ok.  That doesn’t really do much.  I have a few blogger friends who comment on my posts and they start a conversation with me.  I’m not saying you have to do this all the time because sometimes saying super cute outfit is the best we can come up with, which is totally fine!  You don’t need to start a discussion on every post. 

2.  DO NOT follow to unfollow (sometimes multiple times), DO follow accounts you enjoy

Oh gosh, if you were following me on Insta a few months ago I had a breakdown in my Instastories and just had at it on this topic.  I know it wasn’t my proudest moment as a blogger, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  I CANNOT STAND when people follow just to have you follow them and then the next day they unfollow.  This is why when I see a blogger with 143k followers and is only following 150 people I just ignore it.  In the beginning I used to follow everyone back because I thought I was being nice and then when I discovered the unfollow app, I saw all of these people who had unfollowed me.  I have this story about a bigger blogger who I won’t name because I’m not petty like that who did this to me (although not going to lie I so badly wanted to call her out on social media but I knew I would look like an idiot not her).  I met her at the Lucky FABB conference a few years ago in LA.  I saw her outside trying to take a picture and my friend and I offered to take her picture because we know how it is as a blogger to get the perfect shot.  So my friend and I exchanged business cards with her and followed social media accounts with said blogger.  I would comment on all of her posts because she was so gorgeous and her pictures were stunning.  Then I noticed that she wasn’t following me through my unfollow app.  I decided to keep following her but then when I noticed she wasn’t responding I just decided to unfollow because I’m not going to lie I was a little hurt, and this was in the beginning of my blogging career when I was super insecure about my blog and had people telling me I shouldn’t be blogging because it’s stupid.  I think I was also a little bummed because it’s not like I was some random person, we actually met each other and had a conversation.

Well, she ended up following me again, and I was thinking, ok cool, maybe she actually likes my stuff!  Well I followed her back and the next day she had unfollowed me.  I know it’s really stupid sounding when you read this, and you probably think I’m complaining like a brat or that I sound a bit immature (you might be right on the immature part though lol), but at this point she had 40k followers, so if anything you should be a role model for bloggers, not an annoyance.  She ended up following me again a few weeks after.  I finally worked up the guts to message her.  I basically said that I used to respect her as a blogger because I personally love her fashion and her photos are gorgeous, but I don’t like the follow just to unfollow so that she can just gain more followers.  I then proceeded to say, judging by your followers count you don’t need to do this game of follow/unfollow because she has a lot.  I never bad mouthed her or anything, but she never responded and never followed me on Insta again.  The reason why I tell you this is because you’d be surprised how many bloggers actually do this.  They don’t even need to because they have such a huge following to begin with.  And to be honest, it’s just annoying.

I can totally understand if someone is following me and then after a little while they just aren’t interested in what I post anymore.  That’s totally fine and understandable because I’ve unfollowed accounts that got too controversial.  I followed you because I liked your clothes lol no need to just completely change everything on me!  What you should do is just let it go, be yourself, and have fun.  You need to differentiate yourself from the other bloggers or Instagrammers.  Don’t be afraid to be different.  Once I started not caring so much about followers I started having more fun.  Yes followers are definitely important, but I mean I’m not one of those bloggers who has a huge appeal.  I’m not a full time blogger, nor do I plan to be.  I blog for so many reason, but none of them are to become full time.  I used to follow everyone because I just wanted to be nice, but now half the time I honestly don’t see the notifications because I don’t have time to really scroll.  If I do though, I usually take a look at the Instagram and if I like it, I follow it.

4.  DO NOT do the Follow for Follow Nonsense

Oh gosh, I honestly can’t stand when people do this to me.  When they say follow for follow, or if they comment on my picture and say “wow love your gallery, totally following you, you should follow me back.”  Butttttt, when I look they aren’t following me.  Those are comments I delete too.  I’m all for supporting other bloggers on social media, but as soon as you do the F4F nonsense you get the boot haha.

5.  DO NOT turn all “Mean Girls” on People

When I hear of celebrities or reality stars having beef with one another and going back and forth on social media it drives me nuts.  That recent Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star thing was so obnoxious.  Why can’t we just leave our issues behind the scenes.  There’s no reason to go online and air out your dirty laundry.  If you get into a fight with someone, just give each other some space and talk like civilized human beings when you’re ready.  And of course, don’t go on social media and complain about the other person.  It’s literally like Mean Girls all over again.

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  1. I agree with all of what you said! It's important to authentically comment. I appreciate when bloggers do that. I enjoy visiting and comment on blogs that I read. Wow, sorry about your bad experience with that blogger, I had a similar blogger that kept unfollowing me and following, smh.


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