Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Dear Women Everywhere and a Linkup
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Dear Women Everywhere and a Linkup

12:00 AM

Dress:  Banana Republic// Shawl:  Zara (old) // Shoes:  Guess (old, similar here) // Clutch:  Marshall's (old, similar here)


Below is how to wear this maxi casually since I love to mix it up all the time and purchase versatile pieces.


For today’s post I wanted to show how you wear this black maxi two different ways because of a previous post, and then I decided I had to get something off of my chest, so here goes:

Dear Women Everywhere,


Over the past few weeks I’ve seen/heard so many women think so negatively about themselves.  Whether it be about their self image, their children and how they are raising them, their love life, if they bought the right house, their financial situation, if they’re a good/bad mother, etc.  You are not only enough, but you are not alone.  There are plenty of women out there that have the same feelings you do.

I’m career driven.  I’m not a traditional housewife, and everyone knows this.  I would love to one day be a mother, but I know I can't do that until I'm ready to put my career second.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a career woman, or both, you are fabulous.  There is no job that is worse than the other, because I think we need to just stop comparing ourselves to what the ideal is and to each other.  Every single situation is different, and everyone's life is different.  I also know from experience that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  First of all this isn’t the 50’s, housewives don’t normally put on makeup and wear their heels while vacuuming.  Women are providers nowadays.  It’s still considered traditional to be a housewife, but it’s not the norm anymore.  Most moms I know besides maybe 2, work full time because they cannot afford living on a one person income, or they are the only provider for their child.  They don’t need people saying “oh you don’t miss your baby while you’re at work?”  Of course they miss their child!  What kind of a question is that?  I’m sure they love some alone time or “me” time, but I highly doubt going to work is one of them.  Career women are usually driven to work because that’s just the type of person they are.  Kids, a white picket fence, and a minivan aren’t usually their thing.  Want to know the best part?  That’s ok!  It doesn’t mean that they aren’t good enough because they don’t fit the mold of what a traditional woman “should do.”  I personally love being career driven.  I’m not ready to settle down.  I know I’m almost 30, but kids are not on my mind right now.  You may think I’m selfish for saying that and well, you’re right.  I want to be baby free for just a few more years because after that is a lifelong commitment to a living, breathing, human.  This is actually thanks to a lot of my friends who tell me how tired they are all the time, and how hard it is being a mom.  I’m honestly not ready to give up my sleep just yet.  The women that do both, I honestly don’t know how they do it.  Those women have extremely great time management skills, most likely have a nanny and housekeeper and if you don’t I will need to ask you what your secret is because I can barely juggle my current life.

To the women who are reading this with a baby in one arm and the other one playing with the diaper they just pulled off of themselves that you haven’t noticed yet, you are good enough.

To the women who have to work to provide for their child, don’t feel bad that you have no choice but to work, you are good enough.

To the women who don’t want children, some people will judge you for your choices and this unfortunately, will not go away.  However, you are not a bad woman for choosing this path, you are good enough.

To the women who are career driven, I understand you.  I understand that being traditional is not your cup of tea, you are good enough.

To the women who do both, that is a challenge and I’m sure you can never make everyone happy.  There’s always someone who is upset but you know what?  You are good enough.

To the women who don’t see their self worth whether it’s based off of how you look or for you as a person, you are good enough.

We are ALL good enough.  Just because we don’t fit into someone’s idea of the perfect woman, the perfect wife, or the perfect mom, doesn’t mean that we are any worse than the woman standing next to us.  At the end of the day, we are doing our best.

Love Always,

A woman who doesn’t fit the ideal.

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up



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  1. Monica, this is such a great post! Very well said. And you know what, I was career driven until I was 36! That's when I decided to have children. And now my oldest is 6 and I am embarking a new career in blogging. And I love it! No one way is the right way and no other way is the wrong way. You live your life on your own timeline and every decision has its upsides and it downsides. And we are all enough! By the way, that black maxi dress paired with the leopard looks absolutely stunning!


  2. Thanks so much for inspiring women everywhere! Amazing post and loving how you styled this maxi both ways. Thanks for the link up!

  3. OMG what a great post and how fantastically-written. I cannot agree more. No two women are the same because their lives, financial situations and whatnot are not the same. It is OK for some to start having babies at 19 or 20 just as it is OK for some to start families in their 30s (like I did in my early 30s when I became a mom) or even 40s. It is OK for some to decide to be single or to get married and never have babies. Society shouldn't judge us and even if they do, we should not feel bad or guilty about it. No one walks in someone else's shoes.

    For a few years, I was the main provider for my husband and I (prior to us becoming parents), which was also one of the main reasons we waited for a baby. Once she was a little 2 year old, I definitely wanted to join the work-force again because one income is not enough. I miss her with every ounce of my body whether I live her for one hour or 12 hours (which is the case sometimes). But I do everything I do for her. I want her to be a happy child with no worries. Anyhow, we MUST support other women whether they are in similar situations or otherwise. And I agree the grass isn't always greener.

    On a style note, you nailed both outfits. I think the dressy version of the maxi would also be perfect for a Fall Wedding, especially with the leopard stole. I wish you would have joined me and the other bloggers in this latest collaboration but there will be more for the Holiday season, are you interested?!

  4. I LOve your message and your dress, Monica!
    It takes a long time to realize this, but it can make life so much more pleasant!

  5. Great post and so true! We live in such a judgmental world that we even judge ourselves. This past week I realized I was letting social media beat me up and took measures to change that. We have to remember that no one can take better of ourselves than ourselves! Happy Wednesday!

  6. Great post & fantastic look!

  7. Your message is amazing gal. One must not feel alone or less. Cheers.

  8. Well amen to that! As women we're bombarded about what we should do and look like in a way that men never are. Love your outfit, you look so glamorous!

    Emma xxx

  9. You look gorgeous! You do's the best motto ever.


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