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Selling on eBay

12:00 AM

Hey Y'all!  I've decided to sell some things on eBay that I've either only worn once or twice, or just completely forgot that they were in my closet.  I wanted to sell some of these items on eBay and if I don't have any luck I'll be selling them here on my blog through PayPal.  This is just a few items that I have for now but will definitely have more, I just ran out of time this weekend for listings because of how busy it was.

There’s nothing wrong with these items, but I just know that I won’t be wearing them.  I have way too much clothing and if I know I’m not going to wear something again, I’d rather just purge it out of my closet, rather than holding on to it and then forgetting about it, and then eventually it won’t be trendy anymore.

The above dress is an off the shoulder dress.  It was a blog review and I must say the quality is surprisingly good.  It’s a thicker dress so it’s not see through like most clothing you receive from Asian brands.  I feel like with them it’s hit or miss.  It runs a little big so the measurements I gave on eBay are their approximate measurements.  I personally love the off the shoulder trend, but I have so many off the shoulder items that I forgot I had this dress.  I always feel like it’s a shame when I forget I have something and haven’t worn it as much as it deserves to be worn.

This dress is a really interesting one.  I actually folded it up and completely forgot I had it.  It’s the perfect bodycon, and when I reviewed it I said how it would be perfect to do yoga in with some leggings and then if you were going to lunch or something afterwards with some friends, just wear the dress with some simple shoes and you are good to go.  The sports bra is not included.  You could also wear a tank instead of a sports bra, but I will say you will need to wear something because the opening is very large.

This wrap dress I was actually really in love with, but I only had a chance to wear it once for the blogging picture.  I loved everything about it, but the only thing that made me uncomfortable is how short it was because I’m really tall and EVERYTHING is short on me.  For reference if you are looking into purchasing any of these items I’m 5’9.  This comes with the belt.

Rompers were huge in my closet this summer, but unfortunately I didn’t wear this one too often.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this romper, but the only problem is I have really broad shoulders and this made the romper a little too snug in the arm area and I was afraid of ripping anything because it’s such a gorgeous romper.  Other than that I would’ve lived in this romper this summer.  My arms are also a little muscular so I think that wasn’t in my favor either.  I think I should’ve gone for the plus size romper because I think that wouldn’t have been as snug in the arm area.  I’m really sad to see this one go, but I only wore it for the blog review because I kept saying maybe I’ll stop strength training and just do cardio, but I couldn’t stop working out and doing what I love so this romper just sat in my closet.

Ok, I seriously love the mod look that Victoria Beckham had going on with her collection with Target.  I bought SO MUCH STUFF from her collection that I honestly bought way too much.  There are a few items that I lived in because they were perfect for work and weekend wear, but there were a few pieces where I splurged but never wore.  This was one of them.  I fell in love with the Marigold because I have this thing for Marigolds, but unfortunately since they didn’t have my size I went for a size smaller.  It fit, but was a little too short for my liking (please keep in mind that I’m used to wearing skirts or dresses that are a little bit above the knee lol I’m an old lady).  I honestly think I would’ve kept this if it was a little longer because I really wanted it for work, but unfortunately I’m going to be saying goodbye to this gorgeous dress.

I love how I bought really any sizes with the Victoria Beckham for Target collection haha.  The last dress was a little small and this one is too big.  It was a gorgeous dress, but it fell slightly too low on the no shoulder side.  Again, please keep in mind that this is because of my own insecurities about showing too much skin.  Everyone kept telling me that orange was my color this summer.  I decided to keep the romper that I got that had scallop trim because I felt more comfortable in that one.  I’ll be adding more items either later this week or over the weekend so make sure to follow my eBay so that you can see what else I’ll be listing.


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  1. Hey Monica, looking great. Lovely dresses, too bad you're letting go of them.

  2. Such great pieces! I love that ruffle wrap dress!!

    xx, Elise


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