Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: 5 Goals for the next Year and Black Bell Sleeves that make a Statement
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5 Goals for the next Year and Black Bell Sleeves that make a Statement

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Top:  MakeMeChic // Pants:  Banana Republic (sold out, similar here and sloan print pant here) // Bag:  Ewa Bazaar // Shoes:  Guess (Marshalls, old but similar here) // Necklace:  Macy's (similar here) // Sunglasses:  My Brother's Closet hehe (similar here)

Before I get into today’s post I must talk about this top.  I received it from MakeMeChic and I have to talk about how impressed I am.  Out of all of the pieces that I’ve received from MakeMeChic, this is the absolute best piece I’ve ever gotten to review.  Not only is it super cute and high fashion, but the construction is impressive.  A lot of people have mixed feelings about purchasing things from Asian countries but there are a few companies that have not disappointed me yet.  MakeMeChic is one of them.  I always give honest reviews, and some pieces have been a little see through so you would need to wear a slip and so forth, but this top is just amazing.  I was a fashion minor in college and had to construct my own clothing for a few classes so I ALWAYS make sure to look at the details and the construction.  I cannot say enough how impressed I was with this top.  I cannot wait to wear this top more.  The pictures do not do it justice whatsoever!

Since my birthday was yesterday and I turned 30, I wanted to write a post today of 5 things I wish to do over this next year.  After looking back over the past decade I realized that I’ve gotten to a pretty good point in my life.  I’m not fully satisfied (I mean I’ll never be 100% satisfied with anything haha), but I know that I’ve done the best I possibly could to accomplish everything that I have accomplished.  Over the course of the next year I want to give myself 5 goals of things to do because I realized how fast time flies once you get older.  I didn’t believe my parents when they said that a long time ago when I was a young kid who couldn’t wait to be a grown up.  I feel like just yesterday I turned 18 and thought I was an adult who could take on the world.  I’m 30 and still don’t know what I’m doing haha!  Here are 5 goals I am making for myself for the next year, and I’m going to do my best to stick to them.

1. Keep In Touch Better

I feel like I haven’t kept in touch with a lot of people.  As we get older we have friends, but we don’t keep in touch very well.  It took two of our friends passing away in September to get our friends back together again.  I don’t want to only see people when something bad happens.  I want to be able for my fiancé and I to go out to dinner with friends and just have a good time.  Recently, since we had these wake up calls of our two friends passing, we decided that we needed to actually hang out with our friends again, no matter how busy our lives our, we could make time.  We went out on a dinner date recently with some long time friends of ours who are getting married soon (so excited for them!) and it was nice.  It was weird being an adult and going out, but it was nice to catch up with them.  I feel like I’ve done a terrible job of keeping in touch with people because it’s so easy to talk to people on social media, but friendships are based off of memories, not statuses and tags.  I need to start making time for friends.

2. Try New Things

I’m the person who walks into every single restaurant and looks at the menu, but ends up getting the same thing as usual.  I’m the one who has a routine and gets nervous even thinking about breaking that routine.  Just this morning my GPS took me on a different route (which took way longer anyway, not sure why I trusted it lol) and I didn’t like it.  I will try new foods if someone actually puts them in front of me, but if I have the choice to eat what I usually do as opposed to trying something new I’m going to go with the usual. 

3. Travel

This will be difficult because of my time off that I have at work I just don’t have enough to be able to travel the world, but even if it’s just traveling to another state, or going back to Poland again.  I always am more refreshed coming back into work knowing that I had a little bit of time to just relax.  I mean I would love to go to places that are far away like Hawaii (I’ve been dying to go, yes I know it’s cliché lol) or even a place like Iceland.  I follow this account on Facebook that’s all about Bucket List Travels and there’s so many places I want to go to and see it’s just so expensive.  Do y’all know that I’ve never even been to Disney?  I’ve seen it and been on the monorail, but never actually experienced meeting my favorite princesses and just going to Disney.

4. Have More Date Nights

The fiancé and I are going to be extremely busy planning our wedding once we save up some money in the next year or two, but before we even start planning I want to have more date nights.  I feel like our date nights are usually let’s go out to dinner because we are both hungry and need to eat after a long day, rather than hey let’s go out on a date Saturday night.  We are also both so busy that it’s hard for us to get to spend any time together that’s quality time and not just “oh we have a few extra minutes to spend together let’s cram our quality time into a few minutes.” 

5. Save Money

I said this in my post yesterday that I wish I would’ve saved money in my younger years instead of spending it constantly.  I like that I’m able to buy myself something every once in a while and it works with my budget, however I want to start saving money for a wedding and a house.  I don’t believe in the whole parents paying for a wedding thing.  My parents are ready for retirement (give or take a few years) and it would make me more happy for them to keep the money that they would spend on my wedding and go travel, or go buy an apartment in a city they love.  I don’t need a big extravagant wedding and I know how to do a lot of things myself so I know we can get married with an extremely low budget.  I also want to save for a house.  My fiancé and I need our own home.  The apartment feels like a home, but it’s still an apartment where the dogs don’t have enough room, they don’t have their own yard and we are very limited on what we can do there.  I mean sure we can paint the walls and things like that but we have to paint it all back white.  Plus, now that a new management company took over there are so many dumb rules.  They don’t affect me, but it just aggravates me that they make so many little rules.  I just want a place that’s ours where there are no stupid little rules and the dogs can run around with no leashes.  So for this next year, I’m going to buckle down and save some money.  Although, I do like to shop, so I may have to make a budget for shopping, just a small one haha!


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