Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: I let my Fiance dress me! and a Linkup
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I let my Fiance dress me! and a Linkup

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Jacket:  MakeMeChic (sold out, similar here) // Dress:  TJ Maxx (Tommy Hilfiger from TJ Maxx, similar here) // Shoes:  Old Navy // Backpack:  Embrazio

What a busy month October was!  We had so many events, one of which was my blogger besties Wedding Reception.  For this reception, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear so I let the fiancé dress me.  To my surprise I was quite happy with his choice.  The above is the outfit that he picked out.  His favorite dress on me is this pink one, and I think it’s because it compliments me in all the right places, plus it’s pink, my favorite color.  I actually have a funny story about this dress.  Y’all are going to think I’m some panicky mess.

Since my blogger bestie lives 3 hours away, the fiancé and I left early in case there was traffic.  Well apparently we left way too early.  We were about 1.5-2 hours early.  We even had time to stop for breakfast.  Once the fiancé started seeing signs for Hershey (which is about 20 minutes away from where we were going) we decided to go to Chocolate World.  I had to take blogging pictures but the weather had been a little iffy so I decided that I would end up just taking them the following day.  Well, once we got to Hershey the weather was just overcast!  So we were able to take pictures.  Everything was going fine, we were on schedule and we would show up right at the reception start time.  Ellen had gotten married a few days prior, and she had a big backyard BBQ for the reception so it was really relaxed.  Once I get into the car to change into this particular dress for a picture as well, I got stuck.  I went into full panic mode because if you’re a blogger changing in a car when taking multiple blogging photos is the norm.  I got stuck in my dress and then when I realized the zipper broke I was so upset.  How am I supposed to go to the reception in the other outfit that was leggings and a sweater?  The fiancé got in the car and helped me.  Since he’s all mechanical and technical he was able to fix the zipper right on the spot.  Then I was able to put it on and the zipper has been functioning ever since.  I cannot tell you how happy I was and if y’all could’ve witnessed how I went into full panic mode you would’ve laughed.  The fiancé actually asked me, “did you think you were going to be stuck in that dress forever?”  My response was “yes, I thought I was going to have to cut it off.”  We laughed about it and then everything was ok.

We ended up being late to my blogger bestie’s reception (I was so mad at myself for that) but at least I had a good story to tell her when I got there.  Regardless, I think the fiancé picked out an awesome outfit!  I’m happy with his choice of girl meets badass and I love these snakeskin boots.  I’ve been obsessing over them lately.  I got them online at Old Navy and I must say Old Navy has stepped it up a little lately.  I ended up by three pairs of shoes, and the prices were amazing!  I’m a huge bargain shopper and even though I always say that investing in shoes and bags is my advice, sometimes you want a trendy shoe that you don’t want to pay full price for.  This pair was one of those types of shoes.

Here are a few flared dresses that I'm loving for Fall time.

Let’s move on to the linkup!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up


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  1. Oh gosh I would panic too! I love the pink shade on you and the leather with that dress is such an edgy statement! Also love those boots!

  2. Monica, your fiance nailed the outfit choice! You look amazing and those boots are really fabulous! I have to admit that I have gotten stuck in clothing before and it sends me into full panic mode as well. I get claustrophobic like and completely freak out. Last week, I put a choker necklace on that ended up being too tight, in fact, that I didn't have enough chain length to get the darn thing off and I really freaked out! I was screaming out my husband to get the thing off that I couldn't breathe (although it wasn't quite that tight)! Hahaha. I am glad your zipper was fixed and you could wear this fab outfit for the reception.


  3. Your fiancée did a great job! I love the leather jacket over this pretty pink dress.

  4. Love the feminine and masculine of this look!

  5. It is a funny story----now! But when it's happening, it's not funny at all. I've been in that situation, and it's no fun!
    But you look fabulous....I love those boots!!

  6. What a great story! Guys are really good with zippers. My husband is really great at fixing all my purse zippers. He did a great job picking out your outfit too. Love the shoes.

  7. He did such a great job! Oh my gosh if I had a dollar for every time a zipper broke while I was in a dress - haha! You two seem like the perfect team!

  8. Your fiance chose well! You look stunning in the pink dress, and the leather jacket and snakeskin boots give it a great edgy look. I panic too when I get stuck in a dress, I feel like the incredible Hulk!

    Emma xxx


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