Jersey Girl, Texan Heart: Apollo Grill Bethlehem PA with my Blogger Bestie
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Apollo Grill Bethlehem PA with my Blogger Bestie

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What a week it has been!  I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about my blogger meetup.  I have this friend Ellen from Ask Away Blog who I met at Lucky FABB a few years ago.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while or my Instagram you probably recognize her.  We have been meeting up quarterly ever since that first time meeting in NYC.  We’ve both changed over the years, she got married and bought a house, I got engaged and my next goal is to buy a house.  We’ve both grown, but the best part is that we haven’t grown apart.  We still communicate and we always make sure to meet up.  We usually meet halfway.  Well, this time around we met in Bethlehem. 

We decided to go to a place called Apollo Grill.  Our running joke was that they weren’t going to get hyperlinked in our blog reviews haha.  You see, this is the first time in about 3 years that both of us had a bad experience while meeting up with one another.  We usually have such a great time and never have a complaint about the service.  I mean, I can understand that maybe it was just super busy, and it was lunch time a few weekends before Christmas.  Since there were no tables available when we walked in the hostess asked if we wouldn’t mind sitting at the bar.  We both didn’t mind, we were just really hungry.  We didn’t have any drinks like we usually do because of my recent health problems so we settled for non alcoholic beverages which I think is the reason why we were treated differently.  Every single person that had ordered drinks was treated better.  First of all it took them a really long time to get both of our orders while they were helping everyone who had drinks right away.  The food really wasn’t that great to be completely honest.  Their dessert was on point though, but even then it was ruined because they brought us dessert with no utensils (I legit almost turned caveman style and ate it with my hands) and it took forever for one of the bartenders to bring us utensils.  Then, it almost seemed like they were rushing us to leave when we weren’t even done with dessert yet because the one bartender said out loud to someone that it wouldn’t be much longer she would have two spots within a few minutes.  We had told her that our bill would be on separate checks (which I understand is a pain in the bum for servers and bartenders) and what she did was just split it down the middle.   I mean it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s not fair to Ellen for paying more just because of me.  We didn’t even exchange our gifts because at that point we just wanted out of there, so we did the exchange in the parking garage.  All in all, it wasn’t bad because I got to see Ellen, but the service was just not what we were expecting.  I guess it’s because we weren’t drinking?

Ellen and I ended up getting each other basically the same thing for Christmas, only she added a leopard print blanket, while I got her a mug and ornament.  She got me the engagement ring ornament and my dumb self cut the ornament string off when I was taking the tag off.  Go figure, only me.  Well, note to self, DON’T go to Apollo Grill anytime soon.

Oh, and this post was NOT sponsored.


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  1. ROFLLLL damn straight this post wasn't sponsored BAHAHAHA Love yew!


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